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何方神聖 (1981)
The Crazy Chase

Reviewed by: dandan
Date: 07/04/2010
Summary: no num-num...

shih (lau kar-wing) is a down on his luck private detective, who has started working as an extra in films. his luck doesn't improve and he accidentally blows up a car on set, destroying a film's finale and almost killing the director, luk (wu ma), and producer, siao (jimmy lung fong). this lands shih on a 'you'll never work in this town again' list, which turns out to actually be the guest list for the producer's party.

at this point you're thinking that this is going to turn into a hong kong rip-off of blake edward's 'the party', starring peter sellers; it really looks like it's heading down that route. however, a team of robbers soon turn up to try and steal siao's recently purchased antique, jewel-encrusted bed pan. then things spiral off into an increasingly bizarre and, at times, hard to follow trail of silliness...

and, yep, despite me being rather proficient at interpreting joy sales' often ludicrous subtitling errors, this film seems to be missing a few vital scenes, which link together the wild narrative lurches which happen with an alarming regularity. strangely, though, this doesn't ruin the film; which is strangely watchable and does contain a few genuinely funny scenes. and, if like me you're an eric tsang fan, you may also notice that jimmy lung fong has a poster for tsang's directorial debut, 'the challenger', on the wall of his office.

strangely fun, if you can cope with it giving you very few clues as to what the narrative actually is...