Big Boss

Reviewed by: calros
Date: 08/19/2006
Summary: Tragic melodrama in the mafia of Macau.

In "Organization" Yang Chuan plays the mafia boss in war with the other mafia bosses of Macau. Finally he dedices to kill all his rivals in a "peace treaty" reunion. Yang is the godfather of Wong Kwan-Hsiung, his best gunman, who will "execute" the plan. Wong fulfils his mission, but he is identified and must hide in Hong Kong during a period. Police detective played by Ko Chun-Hsiung is after Wong, and goes to Hong Kong too in order to catch him. There Ko's daughter, played by Izumi ("Spiderman") Oyama will reunite with her boyfriend [Danny] Li Hsiu-Hsien, Hong Kong Policeman. Ko would be the happiest man in the world if Izumi marries Li, but he doesn't know that Izumi actually is the lover of gunman Wong (!) and very soon he will be grandfather (!!!). Congratulations, Ko, your dream will be very soon a real nightmare. And, what is worse, not only his daughter but also his right hand Shih Chung-Tien are betraying him.

The end of this story cannot be more tragic.

Some nice action scenes, including car stunts (probably arranged by Ko Shou-Liang, who also has a very bloody and coooooold scene) but actually nothing new here.

A pleasant movie for Wong Kwan-Hsiung fans, who has hot action and hot erotic scenes (with Izumi).

Reviewer Score: 5

Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/21/1999

Conflicts between power-hungry triad gangsters in Macao leads tobloody battles.

[Reviewed by Tai Seng Catalog]