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中情局機密檔案 (1981)
In the Claws of the CIA

Reviewed by: mrblue
Date: 05/20/2010

As the great modern-day urban philosopher Butt-head once espoused: "What the hell is this crap?" Is In the Claws of the CIA actually a movie? I can't tell. It just seems to be an almost random collection of amateurish footage slapped together to try to form the semblance of a film. In that respect, and really any other, it fails miserably.

Reviewer Score: 3

Reviewed by: Frank Lakatos
Date: 02/08/2006
Summary: John Liu is John Liu!

By the way, the cast listed in this entry is the wrong cast, which actually belongs in John Liu's first independant project, Zen Kwun Do Strikes Paris(1979), not Kung Fu Strikes Emammnuel(1981) aka American title Ninja in the Claws of the CIA(1982). What do you get when you mix John Liu, Karate champ Roger Paschey, the powerful kicking Taekwondo champ Casanova Wong, 1983 Playboy centerfold Yolanda Egger, the classy Spanish Jose Maria Blanco, and a bunch of Frenchmen that alternate in silly masks, pretending to be two seperate sets of henchmen, including Casanova Wong(his boots gave it away)? Well, this is John Liu's best independant effort, ranging from Californian, Mexican, to French locations, John has fun with the project and does things his own sensible way. John gets to use his Zen Kwun Do, while Casanova Wong yells and beats Liu's legs, while some Spanish model distracts Liu with sex. A test funded by the US military to see if Liu's skills are useful, and Liu passes the test with flying colors, then forgets his Zen Kwun Do, and then bangs a Spanish secretary from the army base on a yacht in Mexico. Did I forget to say he has a wife waiting for him in France, that gets killed. John Liu is John Liu. In the essence of Bruce Le's European coproductions and Chan Wei Man's Rocky's Love Affarirs aka Ninja Holocaust, we get the perfect mess! Of interest, the dubber who dubbed Alain Delon's English voice in his movies dubbs Liu's voice here, as Liu's lines witty, fast, and expertly dubbed, adding class to strange movie. The script in this movie is quite well done, thanks to the expert dubbing team, as I noticed a few more dubbers from the Delon English dubbs doing work in this movie. With th exception that Casanova Wong's dubber is annoying, and it matches with Casanova's nervous wired(Casanova's literally does get fried a few times the result of military experiments) character in the movie, which is the most disturbing combination of voice over and actor I've ever seen and heard. Speaking of Casanova Wong, his skills are vibrant here. 5/5 for it sheer originality and crazyness.