GG (1982)
Centipede Horror

Reviewed by: Michael Kistner
Date: 10/16/2004
Summary: 3.5/5

Better as expected. Above average direction and some scary moments.


Reviewed by: s****
Date: 05/16/2001
Summary: don't believe the hype

I'd been reading for years about how this was some sort of crazy Hong Kong category III horror flick, filled with gore and wackiness. Man, was I disappointed. How this film got a category III rating is beyond me, unless there's some sort of taboo against shots of centipedes sitting around doing nothing. Whatever.

I can barely remember the plot to this one. Some kids go to mainland China (of course) and get a centipede curse, which may or may not have been some sort of inevitable hereditary thing. There's a lot of scenes with people talking, and a lot of scenes of witch doctors praying. Yes, the version I saw had subtitles, but this is one of those "nothing happens" Hong Kong horror movies. Finally, in the last ten minutes (when they attempt to lift the curse or something), a girl barfs up big centipedes and a bunch of sleepy centipedes are rolled out onto the carpet in a desperate attempt to justify the film's title.

Hey, I don't like centipedes. They freak me out, especially the big Hong Kong kind with pincers. Nonetheless, I was bored out of my freaking skull by this film. People who say this is some kind of intense mondo HK flick, I suspect, haven't actually bothered to sit down and try to watch the goddamn movie itself. They probably just read some Chas. Balun review. Watching a nature show about the afternoon napping habits of centipedes would be more frightening than this garbage. Avoid at all costs.