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瘋血 (1983)
Crazy Blood

Reviewed by: Frank Lakatos
Date: 09/28/2005
Summary: Eddie Chan Ngaai Dik was actually one of Hong Kong's infamous transvestites........

Eddie Chan Ngaai Dik was actually one of Hong Kong's infamous transvestites, yet somehow producers saw he had some acting talent, and went straight and serious to star in many cop and horror movies in the early 80's, where he played the lead male(and was even made to appeal to women in certain movies around that time!!), while playing a transvestite in others(talk about a marketable actor!). For some reason, Chan doesn't have enough of an emotional range to play a "real" man, husband, or even a father, and seeing him in this family setting is quite disgusting to me. Yest, he plows through the script and does his best as a father who revenges the death of his son, after his wife psychologist, who is too busy looking after her mental patients, isn't home to take care of her son who falls to his death from their apartment. Soon, Chan hunts down everybody aquanited with his wife, and finally targets his wife during the finale. I can see that the producers wanted a average man to play the lead, and to some effect, Chan is successful just being himself, an average man(well, in this movie he is). There are some kung fu fight scenes in a spa, but it's mostly switch blade cutting and psychotic behavior that constantly darkens the mood until the end. All in all, an effective horror movie that Chan was able to pull of decently. It's interesting to see Chan play a family man and a psychopath, and it's one of the few times he's starred in a regular non-monster horror movie in this type of role. Chan went on to do Pale Passion(1984), where he plays a similar characterization, but the script couldn't save Chan, and without a decent script, Chan's emotional range is limited even further more. This is an above average horror movie, with a decent script, direction, and acting. ***1/2/*****