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Ѯv (1983)
Shaolin Drunkard

Reviewed by: kiliansabre
Date: 03/18/2010
Summary: Standard Yuen Clan Fantasy

An evil vampire-like man is trying to find virgins to sacrifice for a ritual and forces his brother to find them. Meanwhile a young man is tasked by his grandmother to go find a bride. The young man strikes an interest in the brother's daughter and various silly things occur. There is more of a plot here, but it sees to lose the point by the end of it, as if they forgot what the mutation of the villain was. Aside from that this is another Yuen Clan kung fu fantasy similar to Miracle Fighters and Taoism Fighter. The characters are basically the same as they are played by the same actors. The kung fu here is mainly a platform for laughs and the rest of the movie follows with the same slapstick and bathroom humor. All of the fights include a fantasy aspect as well ranging from hands on fire, to a giant mutant toad, to a demon marionette. The effects in this movies are always fun to watch - the Yuen Clan knows how to be creative. If you are a fan of the fantasy fu from the error this is a vital watch, but for those just looking to watch everything Yuen Wo-Ping, keep in mind the fight scenes here are very brief and all magic based.

Reviewer Score: 6

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 11/30/2002

A half man/demon (Yuen Hsun Yi) is being guarded by a drunken Shaolin magician named Chan (Yuen Cheung Yan) at Shaolin temple. When Chan sneaks out to go on a drinking splurge, the demon-man escapes. Chan, along with a young man named Ah Yuen (Yuen Yat Chor), and his bride-to-be (Yeung Hoi Yin), plus Grandma Yau (Yuen Cheung Yan), help Chan to capture the evil magician and return him back to Shaolin.