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M} (1983)
Perfect Wife?!

Reviewed by: bastardswordsman
Date: 02/11/2002

'Classic' chasing girls HK comedy, I think you know what to expect by now, especially when you see the likes of Eric Tsang, Raymond Wong Pak Min and Dean Shek in the cast list.

I don't feel I can add more to STSH's review, except that I felt it was more the May Lo character who was putting Shek to the test more, Shek's character in fact softening up rather than becoming nasty. Any way, it doesn't really matter that much.

The bullfighting scene is very funny.

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 03/26/2001
Summary: Pleasant Souffle

Dean Shek plays a high-flying lawyer named Dean Shek, whom women cannot resist (yeah, dream on, Shekky !). Just what they see in him is never made clear, as he certainly doesn't like women, and treats them terribly. With Shek as star, director and producer, you'd expect to see a lot of the long-faced gawk, and you'd be right. He's in nearly every frame, and seems he's trying to be both Jerry Lewis and perhaps Maurice Chevalier (the story pinches a lot from the 1934 film version of The Merry Widow). Shek indulges in lots of physical comedy (pratfalls, pies in the face) and stretches his rubbery face to the very limits as he agonizes over the efforts of his cousin (Eric Tsang, who actually manages to look handsome !) to steal his intended.

The plot is somewhat episodic, taking Shek and some males pals to various places where he makes various mischief. This includes an unexplained trip to Spain (!), but Shek does redeem this folly with one of the movie's funniest scenes, which contrives him to jump into a bullring and get his trousers shredded, and guess what colour his undies are ......

Shek's character makes no secret of his disdain and low regard for women (and most men, for that matter), but the light comedy is very entertaining for most of the film. Near the end, Shek's character turns very nasty, and I found this very hard to take. The moral line seems to be that you should treat your intended woman like crap just to test her true feelings. Ugh !

Apart from the awful ending, this film is suprisingly pleasant nonsense, with Shek using his inherently irritating character to best advantage.

Reviewer Score: 6