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教頭發威 (1985)
The Master Strikes Back

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 05/23/2007
Summary: a little over the top

The unoffical sequel to the kung fu instructor, Ti lung has got a job training these slack soliders, who spends a lot of time in brothels. The local police are corrupt and have a relative who is of high status. Because Ti lung trains the soldiers so hard, they arent allowed to goto the brothels, which means they lose money so the police set up ti lung to make him lax this rule. Thigns go over the top when Ti lungs son is told he will be a eunich, and just the son's acting, MAN i would slap him myself. I just couldnt bare seeing the over acting, YIKES

the ending is a disappointment, this could of almost been just a cold hard drama if u took out teh action, disappointed

Reviewer Score: 5

Reviewed by: pjshimmer
Date: 06/03/2002

It was 6 years after the original Kung Fu Instructor (also starring Ti Lung and directed by Sun Chung), and director Sun Chung recreated the Ti Lung-driven role in this low-budget 1985 Shaw Brothers movie. Like most SB movies of this era, the picture is outdated, and it is obvious. The movie is extremely melodramatic and sentimental, as it depicts some of the most unpleasant issues that few would want to be aware of. In the first half, Ti Lung battles prostitution; in the second half, Ti Lung tries to save his son from being CASTRATED (roughly the procedure of removing the TESTICLES). In general, he is really pissing a local owner (Michael Chan) off, who has authorities and is now determined to screw Ti Lung's life. There are some things borrowed from the original KF Instructor, so watch for those. This is a pretty good emotional movie, but there really isn't a lot of character development to support the plot. Also, there isn't nearly enough fight scenes. Still, it's one of the last Shaw movies; it's really rare too, so if you get to see it, why the hell not.