rH (1985)
Dead Curse

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 02/28/2000
Summary: Only occasionally interesting

One of a group of films from the late 80s featuring the wonderful Kwan Hoi San and concerning hexes and ghosts. Unfortunately, this is the least interesting one. There are a few mild scares, but nothing stronger than in the interminable and dull Troublesome Night series.
The category III rating is only just earned. There's a pleasant scene early, with two young lovelies frolicking naked in the forest, luring three bikie louts to their doom. And there's a brief sweaty sex scene about 60 minutes in. It's as though the director suddenly thought, at the last minute, "hell, I've gotta put something quick in, to get Cat III". And there's no full frontal at all.
Added to this, you gotta wait 45 minutes for the great Kwan H S to appear. Dear dear. Devil Curse and Devil Sorcery, though far from great films, are much better than this one.

Reviewer Score: 3