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哈林行動 (1986)
Champion Operation

Reviewed by: Frank Lakatos
Date: 12/08/2005
Summary: Decent mid 80's action movie

This is one of those action triad dramas that came before the A Better Tomorrow gun fu movies. It's as mediocre as any low budget movie made at that time. What is surprising is that this is one of the few movies besides Golden Harvest and D&B productions to use those loud kickboxing sound effects Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan used in the mid 80's, and it adds alot of impact to the fight scenes, which are tight and well choreographed by long time Jackie Chan stunt team choreographer Chris Lee Kin Sang, who was in his prime at the time, working on Jackie Chan movies during this production. The shoot outs are well choreographed and bloody, which is a rarity among low budget movies made at the time. There are some insane stunts in this movie, including a car chase where the cop hero hangs onto the bumper of a speeding car and uses other passing cars to make it onto the hood of the car, which leads to a crash, as the stuntman is seen flying off the car just as the car flips and smashes apart. Insane. This is one of the only movies where you'll see Suen Kwok Ming, Tang Ho Kwong, and Norman Tsiu Siu Keung together, as they all look similar, as if they were real life brothers. This is one of the only lead roles Suen Kwok Ming has done in a modern Hong Kong movie. He is charismatic and well skilled in the martial arts, and is the reason why this movie is held togather. Tang Ho Kwong does well as the cop after the triads, as he is another underprivaledged talent in the Hong Kong movie industry. Tsui Siu Keung is wasted as an old and sick triad boss, as he does nothing, just sits around, orders hits, and coughs alot. WHat I find refreshing about this movie is that is doesn't imitate the brotherhood drama copied constantly in those A Better Tomorrow clones. This movie plays as a revenge action movie. The movie gets to the poiont, even though the action, especially the fist fights, are infrequent. A rare gem that is rarely seen, it's worth a look if you are a fan of Suen Kwok Ming and the mid 80's kickboxing choreography. Besides that, nothing story and acting wise really stands out. The ending, though, is bizarre and incomprehensible, as the camera zooms out fo a shot of a television which shows parts of the movie. A poetic attempt I guess. This review comes from watching the Ocean Shores disc with no subtitles, as the picture is cropped, and as usual, the night or dark scenes are barely visible. But, this sin't a problem because most of the movie an dthe action, is shot in the day. ***/*****