My Cousin the Ghost

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 01/28/2007
Summary: Actually three ghosts.

Ng (Richard Ng) returns to HK to make up with his cousin Ma (Wu Ma) after causing him to be deported from the UK. Their other cousins (four young guys, including Kenny Bee) learn that Ng has already died, is a ghost, but doesn't realize it. How they keep the news from him provides much of the story and quite a few chuckles. Ng is fancied by their female cousin and her evil companion, both ghosts themselves. The scene where Ng and the elder female ghost wipe a window, as though dancing, is hilarious. But the younger ghost must find a man soon, else her soul will never be at rest.

Amusing and playful comedy with offbeat gallows humour.

Reviewer Score: 6

Reviewed by: Frank Lakatos
Date: 10/18/2005
Summary: The movie starts of fast paced with great comedy........

The movie starts of fast paced with great comedy, but then it bores down in the middle simply because there are too many badly written in actors involved in skit after skit, there's a boring ghost sub plot, and there's not enough Richard Ng and Wu Ma in the middle. The action packed ghostly ending with Richard Ng running crazy all over the place with the rest of the crew, while Ng's body parts disappear because he is a ghost is hilarious, picking up where everything left off which makes this movie fun to watch. Don't expect to laugh every 5 minutes, the crew(you know, Tai Bo, Mang Hoi, ect) isn't that funny because they written in well enough. At this time, HK comedies were written by people without a sense of humor or talent. The same goes for today. One of the few decent comedies at that time. ***/*****

Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 05/06/2002
Summary: GOOD

My Cousin The Ghost is the usual Hong Kong ghost comedy routine, but is very funny. Packed with stars (Richard Ng, Kenny Bee, Mang Hoi, Tai Bo, Wu Ma, James Tin, just to mention a few), full of fun, but unfortunately the climax you expect and then end disappears into the credits! So unfortunately this film is left hanging, which is a shame, because this really could have been a classic of it’s kind.

Rating: 3.5/5

Reviewed by: MrBooth
Date: 04/14/2002
Summary: Didn't appear to be worth finishing

Richard Ng (who I like) returns home from some years running a restaurant in England, to move back in with his family of cousins containing Wu Ma & Kenny Bee amongst others. But, tragically, the cousins have had to rent out his room since they all got sacked and are on the dole. Oh no, what will they do!? The fact that the woman in the room is killed in a car crash the night before Richard is due to return could almost be seen as a blessing... except that for some reason or other she decides she's going to stay in the room anyway, even if she is a ghost. I think this was because she'd already paid several months rent in advance, but there may have been something about being a soul-sucking man-killing demon or such, or maybe that was somebody else.

Anyway, much comedy abounds 'cause... like, she's a ghost... and she's in Richard's room. And he and Wu Ma had a falling out and stuff. OK, not so much comedy as 'painfully contrived scenes of little entertainment value'.

The twist in the plot is apparently that Richard is a ghost too, presumably having died in England, but he doesn't realise it. And his cousins don't know how to break the news to him. I was so completely bored after 30 minutes that I just fastforwarded through the remainder though, so I can't say whether it miraculously becomes amusing after this fact is discovered.

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 03/09/2002
Summary: Ok-ish

i agree with what the reviewer below me says. It is quite funny but when it ends i felt unsatisfied. Worth a viewing
if you dont' expect too much


Reviewed by: ElectraWoman
Date: 10/28/2000
Summary: 7/10-Slow at first, then revs up

I read somewhere that this was meant to be a sequel (somehow) to The Dead And The Deadly. Personally, I think the person who said that had their head up their ass, as the only semblances this film has to Dead And The Deadly is ghosts and a dead person who is dead-yet-not-quite-dead. But anyways :)

Richard Ng is a restaurant owner in London, who is such a cheapskate, he goes to the local park, traps the pidgeons there, and sells them as chicken. His cousin, Wu Ma, is an illegal immigrant, and Ng uses that to his advantage by having Ma work virtually as a slave. After accidently getting his cousin deported, a guilty-feeling Ng decides to go to Hong Kong to make up, and also to see how his other cousins (Kenny Bee, Mang Hoi, et al) are going. The fun starts when Bee finds out Ng is dead, and they try to hide the truth from Ng so that he can have a chance at reincarnation. Meanwhile, resident friendly ghost Wong Wai-Si (some trivia on her, she used to be a DJ and is now living in England) has her eyes on Ng, but has to fight off another ghost who is desperate to reincarnate.

There's a lot of laughs from this film, esp. the part where Ng and Wong does a tango while wiping the windows. There's some nice black comedy as well, like Bee sticking a dart in Ng's head, then placing a hot iron on his back, to show the others that Ng's dead. Another part is when Ma and Ng confront each other, with Ng fearful that Ma will poison him and Ma telling Ng to chop his head off! Probably the best part is when they take Ng to the doctor. I won't say any more :)

However, I felt that the director, Ma, was trying to rush through the first half of the film to get to the second where Ng becomes a walking cadaver-sure, that's more interesting but I thought he could have spent more time setting up the first half. The plot is too dodgy-like, the reason why Ng comes to Hong Kong and decides to stay with his cousins is muddled and unclear, with someone deciding to throw in the subject of money but didn't clarify it. While there are some inspired comedy moments I thought the quiet spots were too flat, with the film lurching from one comedy sketch to the other. Overall, quite funny, once it gets going.