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~R (1988)
Keep on Dancing

Reviewed by: ButterflyMurders
Date: 06/11/2002
Summary: Keep on..uhh...um...

The Sixteen Steps:

Cora Miao I has a problem. Her twin sister, Cora Miao II, is in a mental hospital and unhappy after hearing news that her former husband, James Wong, is about to remarry. After much convincing, Cora Miao I agrees to swap places, and lives with Cora Miao II. While Cora Miao II fends off the attention of postman Mang Hoi, Cora Miao I finds herself amoured to Richard Ng, doctor at the hospital.

The Waltz:

This film is rather...quirky seems to be the best description. The film is understandable for the first 30-45mins, then it all starts to disintegrate. It all becomes a little incomprehensible towards the end. A dancing scene, nice symbolism I suppose, ie relax, freedom of movement, go with the flow, but makes little sense in relation to the rest of the action in the film.

Still, there are some funny moments in the film. The part with James Wong and Cora Miao being trapped in a freezer is hilariously mad, with accusations and shoes flying. It seems the makers of the film were attempting to make the entire film hilariously mad, but unforunately they fall quite short. Shame really, with a good cast and an interesting premise. 6/10

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 01/12/2000

This is one of the VERY RARE HK films which shows the actors with both their names AND character names in the opening credits, which makes it a rare treat for anyone who really wants to know who is who.
Actually, the plot defies description. Much of the dialogue makes no sense at all, with actors often seeming to be saying lines at random. I believe the fimmakers' intention was to make a romantic madcap farce, but the frequent dislocations and incredible number of characters only slow things down.
Of interest only for name-that-actor spotters.

Reviewer Score: 4