BB 30 (1990)
BB 30

Reviewed by: dsulpy
Date: 09/25/2003
Summary: Mediocre, but entertaining enough.

This comedy/drama from 1990 stars Kenny Bee and Carol Cheng as a lawyer and doctor, respectively, who begin the film at odds, and end up... oh, wait... geez, almost gave away the ending (of course, I'm joking... the ending is obvious!).

Bottom line for me... the film was enjoyable enough, I guess, and the stars are certainly quite good (is Carol ever NOT good?), but the film loses points for being almost completely predictable, from beginning to end. Like many other Chinese films, it also seems to be suffering from a split personality... going from what I think is supposed to be comedy at some points, to some reasonably violent scenes, both interacting in a film that's basically supposed to be a romance (although there are almost no romantic scenes in the film!). Weird, but not "good" weird... just, "you guys didn't really care, did you?" kind of weird...

The DVD is from WA, mastered by Universe. Like other WA discs, the original Cantonese track is gone, and it's Mandarin or nothing. Unlike most WA discs (from Universe), this one wasn't very well mastered. Most of the time things were okay, but during dark scenes there were many blocky artifacts visible. Subs are removeable, price is extremely cheap.

One question... the end credits show shots from a couple of scenes that aren't in the film - one where Carol and Kenny wake up in bed to find themselves sardined in with another couple, and another where they're in an apartment, comically undressing each other. I wonder if these scenes were in the release print, or VCD, and have been remove for the mainland market, or if they just never made it to the film to begin with.

Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 01/12/2002
Summary: FUNNY

BB 30 is a comedy movie about a doctor and a lawyer. Benny (Kenny Bee) is a lawyer whos luck is always bad, and the court where works has got a doctor to assess him because everyone thinks he is insane. Dr Cheng (Carol Cheng) ends up having to not only assess him, but treat him in hospital after he has a car accident (caused by someone tampering with his car). The two have constant ups & downs as they keep bumping into each other as Benny has even more bad luck. They grow more attracted to each other as their meetings continue..

It may seem not much to it, but it is really funny. Carol Cheng is one of Hong Kongs best comedians, and she does a great job. If you like comedies, this one is a must.

Rating: 4/5

(This rating is based on the year & genre, so don't think it's based as a comparison on new releases etc.)

Reviewer Score: 8

Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/21/1999

A romantic comedy starring KENNY BEE as a not-so-hot but righteouslawyer and CAROL CHENG as a beautiful doctor who is called upon as an opposing witness in several court cases. Their love affair goes through numerous bumps for an entertaining climax.

[Reviewed by Tai Seng Catalog]