Doctor Vampire (1990)

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 11/30/2008
Summary: A few laughs

A times funny, at other times over the top ridiculous.

I didnt know what to expect watching this and some expectations due to positive reviews

Unfortauntely, the movie looks dated and the acting a little over the top. Blood is everywhere but its deserves its cat 2 rating.

I just felt bored at times watching this, and the end is really when there is action and the ending just doesnt join up well with the comedy.

OVerall disappointed

Reviewer Score: 5

Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 06/18/2002
Summary: Stupid at times, but quite funny.

[Doctor Vampire]

Although vampire comedies were quite big in the early 90’s, barely 50% of them were actually very good, let alone funny. But Dr. Vampire comes in-between those, being ridiculous on one hand, and yet at the same time actually being funny.

Bowie Lam plays a doctor, who after stumbling upon an old castle whilst visiting England, becomes captivated by the beauty of Ellen Chan. He doesn’t realise at first that she is a vampire, until she bites him. He then returns to Hong Kong and causes all sorts of problems in the hospital he works at. I think you get the general idea of where this film goes. Perhaps the highlight of the film is with Shing Fui On in hospital for a rather delicate operation!

Though filming, acting and comedy are all very good, the story is very thin and very much needed in a film like this, which is really the only downside to this. Still, due to the fact that it is indeed very vampire based, I would say that this would really be one for the vampire/comedy fans only.


Reviewed by: mrblue
Date: 05/24/2002
Summary: Interesting

Doctor Vampire is a unique take on the vampire genre, though it is probably not what a viewer might expect from a Category III movie about the subject. The story centers around a doctor (Bowie Lam) who is sent to England. Since his girlfriend back home (Sheila Chan) isn't putting out, Lam decides to visit a brothel, which turns out to be a house full of vampires led by Walter Kjaer (doing his best Bela Lugosi impression). Lam sleeps with Ellen Chan and she bites him in the process, so when he returns to Hong Kong, he understandably feels a bit strange.

Though Doctor Vampire does not really play by set vampire "rules" -- Lam is able to walk around during the day and can get by drinking V8 until a spell concocted by Sheila's nosy sister-in-law (Crystal Kwok, who suspects Lam is cheating when Ellen comes to Hong Kong to bring him back to England so Kjaer can have his "Chinese ginseng") fully turns him. Now, Lam and Ellen must try and stop Kjaer before he kills more people. Which might be a bit tough, since Kjaer seems to be the first vampire in history who can shoot lasers from his eyes, among other neat party tricks.

Despite the Cat III rating, most of the running time of Doctor Vampire is dominated by fairly juvenile comedy. For example, one scene has a vampire with a "iron head" going around a hospital with a very apparent erection. Think of recent gross-out comedies like Road Trip or American Pie and you have a good idea of how things work here -- fortunately, all of the bodily fluids except for blood are thankfully left off-screen. Also suprising is the total lack of sex or even nudity. Vampire movies are usually ripe terriotory for erotica, but Doctor Vampire is very much a PG movie in this regard. It's kind of a shame. While gratuitous nudity is really nothing to get too excited about, it would have added a little spice to the fairly mundane first hour of the movie.

However, once the story finally comes together, the third act of Doctor Vampire is really great stuff -- a fine mix of horror and comedy in the vein of Evil Dead 2, even going as far as to copy the "spirit cam" from that movie. With a unique mix of both Eastern and Western vampire lore (this is probably the only film you'll see where a Taoist priest battles a Eurotrash goth vampire), some funny comedic bits (a lot of which is derived, intentionally or not, from the cast's over-the-top acting), and a good smattering of gore (including a choice gag where a female vampire is skewed through her breasts), the last thrity minutes or so of Doctor Vampire show just how good it might have been if it had been able to keep up the frentic pace for the entire duration. As it stands, Doctor Vampire is a slow starter, but it finishes hard, and makes a worthy viewing for Cat III fans, or for someone who wants a different take on the vampire mythos.

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Reviewed by: danton
Date: 01/03/2002

Forgettable B-movie that actually features Western-style bloodsuckers, as opposed to the hopping Eastern variety. The plot is pretty straightforward: while on vacation in England, a young HK doctor encounters a Chinese girl who turns out to be a vampire. He gets bitten (although he doesn't remember) and upon his return to HK, starts to exhibit the various familiar symptoms. Being a doctor, at least he has access to blood supplies, and much of this part of the movie deals with his attempts to adjust in what is meant to be comedic fashion, but which falls flat for the most part.
Meanwhile back in England, the head vampire can't forget the taste of that sweet Chinese blood (in one of the movies funniest lines, he explains to his underlings: "it's like Ginseng!") and sends first the girl back to HK to find the Doctor, and then goes himself when she exhibits signs of actually falling in love with the victim.

Most of the movie is wasted, but the final showdown culminates in a very good action sequence where the Western vampire faces off against Peking Opera characters (don't ask why) and this becomes a very entertaining West against East fight with good action choreography.

Worth watching if you can grab it for cheap on VCD.

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 01/18/2000
Summary: Screaming good fun !

The Cat III rating is for gore and extreme irreverence of death. There's no nudity at all, which is a shame, considering the number of gorgeous gals in the cast. Packed with gallows humour, bad taste including rather off blood jokes, lots of open-mouthed screaming and no subtlety at all.

Overall : If you liked Eternal Evil Of Asia, you'd very likely enjoy this one. Very low-brow, but recommended.

Reviewer Score: 7

Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/08/1999

Horror comedy about a guy who gets bitten by a vampire prostituteand then has to deal with being a vampire and the count who follows him back to Hong Kong to suck him dry.

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