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聊齋艷譚續集五通神 (1991)
Erotic Ghost Story II

Reviewed by: Gaijin84
Date: 08/24/2005
Summary: Not as good as part 1, and that's not saying much

The insane, sex-driven god Wutung is back to wreak havoc on small villages and otherwise vestal virgins. Wutung has taken another form, this time in the demonic Chiu-sheng (Anthony Wong), complete with a three foot white spiky wig and makeup that looks him look like a japanese demon. After Chiu-sheng loses his demon girlfriend, he searches for a replacement in the form of a yearly virginal sacrifice. He finds that before his mate was taken from him, her spirit was placed in the body of a young girl, this time the sacrificial virgin, Fang Yu-yin (Charine Chan Ka-Ling) happens to be that carrier of the spirit. Before he can take her to his sexual hell, Fang is saved by her boyfriend Shan-ken (Yiu-Wah Kwok). Chiu-sheng sends out a minion who is able to capture Fang and bring her back to his realm, forcing Chan-ken to travel to depths to retrive her.

Although the production value is a bit better than the first installment, the story itself is rather boring and hardly holds the viewer's interest. As for the real reason for watching these films (the sex), Erotic Ghost Story 2 is a little more like Sex & Zen in that it has lots of exotic positions and furniture that people sweat and moan on. Probably worth a watch just for the fun of it, but don't look for anything ground-breaking or extraordinary. In addition, no Amy Yip hurts a lot.

Reviewer Score: 4

Reviewed by: RLM
Date: 12/20/2002
Summary: ...well it's an erotic ghost story...duh!

Excellant production values and good camera work for a category 3 porn film. Sorta takes off from the first film - with the Sex Demon continuing his lust for nubile women and encountering a prior love interest. The threesome scene was totally silly and you could tell the actors were having difficulty taking it seriously(imagine use of gymastic equipment) as was the part about the Sex Demon having sex with only 1/2 part (lower section) of a body!
However, the underwater sex scene was a sight to behold (imagine floating - undulating breasts)! Unimpressive fight scene at the end with another sequel available for viewing.
Rating 8/10 for it's genre

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 05/29/2001
Summary: Ummmm.........

Very silly soft porn movie!! Anthony Wong is a demon which rapes and kills virgin girls and the villiage lets this happen (i think) otherwise he'll get them all. Lots of sex scenes here and there, and the lady underwater with Anthony Wong near the end is BEAUTIFUL!! Another crappy fight scene at the end but what do you expect!!

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 09/18/2000
Summary: Stunning !

This is my all-time equal favourite HK movie in any genre.

See it on the big screen, and be overwhelmed by the gorgeous images and lush sensual feel. It also feautures some stunning nude women, including one of the few (and, unfortunately, brief) nude appearances of the luscious Tsang Siu Yin.
No matter. The equally lovely Chik King Man and Charine Chan make up for this. As well as acres of nudity with other actors.

This is high production value period porn par excellence, with some wonderfully surreal (and even funny) images swirling and shifting.

The only fault I can pick is that the story occasionally slips into extreme silliness. The "ona gee gee" is one such slip up.

But this is a minor fault. See it in a cinema, and be completely transported.
Not bad on the small screen, but does lose a lot of its impact there.

Previously published:
Stunning ! Never thought I'd see a better HK film than Chinese Ghost Story II, but EGS II is just that. If I were to compile a list of everything I love about HK cinema, EGS II would have it. Comparison with EGS I : much darker in tone, less humour (though still several laugh-out-loud moments), even more visually wonderful, even more and better erotic/nude scenes, more horror (and much better done), paced quicker, plot more convoluted and confusing. Story/pacing : The major characters (more than a dozen !) are introduced at a bewildering pace, equalled only by the Kung Fu Cult Master. Each character is introduced with a written side-title (helpfully, in Chinese only !). This is one of the few films I've seen where the sex scenes, exciting as they are, are classifiable as rest breaks ! Visuals : Absolutely first-rate. Lush, gorgeous, colourful photography. This is what well-made HK Ghost Stories are justly famous for. Similar look and colour pallette to Maidens Of Heavenly Mountains, but even better. Erotic/sex scenes : Outstanding and frequent. Saturated with exceptionally well-done eroticism and sex, which occasionally crosses the line into porn. The closing sequence, though definitely a horror scene, contains some of the most poetic and primal erotic images I've ever watched on the silver screen. The shy young girl anxiously trying to arouse her lover, to free him from ice-block prison in order to consumate their still-virgin love and therefore break the demon's power, while her friend distracts the demon with underwater foreplay, while ice-block's brother's wife is imprisoned with demon's mate in a bath of blood, into which he pours his sexual energy ....... yes, it does get rather complicated ..... Horror scenes : Saturated with sex. Gloriously colourful, on the gory side without going over the top. Acting : compentent, apart from Anthony Wong, who appropriately plays Wu Tung wildly over the top. Overall : Crawl over cut glass to see this one ! Even better, see it on a double bill with EGS I - if it doesn't entirely blow your mind, then you must either have no love of film and/or no beauty in your soul.

Reviewer Score: 10

Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/08/1999

Further adventures of Wu Tung, the lascivious god of CarnalDesire, in which he actually falls for one of his conquests, only to see her destroyed by other gods. Enraged, he demands reparation from the girl's village in the form of a virgin every month. The suitor of one of the candidates takes exception to this and ambushes and wounds Wu Tung -- who then reveals an androgynous aspect of his already dubious personality. The female Wu Tung cures her wounded male component and together they descend on the hapless village.

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