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Ө! (1992)
Talk to Me, Dicky

Reviewed by: grimes
Date: 04/09/2000

Only in Hong Kong could an entire film be made where the premise revolves around men having conversations with their penises, which actually talk back! While this could have been the beginning of a brilliantly ridiculous comedy, Talk to Me, Dicky is not that film. Whlie the lowbrow humor didn't turn me off, the incredibly revolting attitude towards women that it displays dulled a lot of the fun of the film. Rape is taken as the starting point for a number of tasteless jokes. Even worse, the rapist's behavior is ultimately blamed on a woman.

Even ignoring all this (which would be difficult), the film just isn't as funny as it wants to be. The basic idea is that a policeman learns to talk to his penis (which can talk to other men's penises) and his penis helps him investigate a rape case. The basic idea is brilliantly tacky but unfortunately, the execution is more tacky than brilliant. This is the kind of film that needed to be made by someone as creatively tasteless as John Waters to realize its true potential.