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處女的誘惑 (1992)
Evil Black Magic

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 09/05/2001
Summary: Dumb

This film is like two half-films welded together. You can even see the joins in places ! One bit is where David Ng and Tiu Gwan Mei flounce around with Lawrence Ng. It appears that David and Tiu are on loan from the set of Finale In Blood, which was also in production around that time. The other bit looks very cheap and choppy. So cheap that, in some scenes, the actors are out of focus in favour of flowers in a vase !

Although this is a Cat III film, it is more of a cheap (and pretty weak, even by HK standards) horror flick than a sweaty nudity fest. Although about half a dozen women appear without clothes (inclduing Tiu Gwan Mei - yum yum), only two actually make it to full nudity. One is Yu Chi Wai, who bares all early on, after having her underwear ripped off by a bunch of flying midgets, but this is only for about two seconds. The other is an unknown chunky little buxom actress, who is picked up by Ah Doo's beloved after the Ordinary Love Curse wears off. There are a few sex scenes, but they're pretty brief and on the dull side.

There is some genuinely loopy stuff going on. Yu Chi Wai performing erotic dance to the tune of the theme from 80s TV detective show Simon and Simon verges on the bizarre. Another is Lawrence Ng wolfing down handfuls of live scorpions. And there's some very gross humour too. Try hard not to throw up as you watch Ah Doo offering Lotus Leaf Rice to her beloved. The method of preparation of this recipe is, to say the least, unhygienic. Perhaps this film should come labelled with a health warning ........

All in all, this film is cheap and dumb. The nudity is pleasant in places, and I never mind watching Eddy Ko Hung, and it's far from the worst of the exploitation cheapies, but still it's below average.

Reviewer Score: 3