_fӦZ (1993)
The Legend of an Erotic Movie Star

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 09/06/2001
Summary: Silly but enjoyable

The story of dopey mainlander coming to HK pursuing a dream is a common on in HK film. This is a slightly different take on that theme. The lead character, Chan Hung, has a husband whom she loves and, in leaving him, is not doing so only temporarily. Of course she is mistreated and abused, but she receives far more consideration than one would expect in reality.

That isn't to say the dregs end of HK film is presented in a glamorous light. Some of what is shown is as believeable as it is hilarious. That's right. Even though this is really just another porn cheapie, the story and lead character are quite engaging and fun.

There's plenty of full nudity and sex scenes, some of which are damn good. One of my very favourites in any cheap porn is where Stuart Ong and Chan Chi Hung pound away in and around a van, secretly, as they wait to be called onto the film set, as the two lead actors. This is one of the few scenes in any HK film where two people screw each other with enormous energy and (apparently) great pleasure.

A few words about Nam Yan. I think I've now seen all of the films of this rarely-seen funny-faced actress. Her role is always as a foul-mouthed slut who always bares all. I don't think Nam has any claims as a great actress, but she gives perhaps her best performance here. Her character Amy is kind-hearted and easy-going despite being very rude, and Amy's presence is a key factor in making the story work.

If you feel like watching a cheap porn, this one should be pretty high on your list. Not a classic, and thoroughly silly, but fun and sexy and, incredibly for a HK film, a happy and non-violent ending.

Reviewer Score: 8