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情不自禁之想入非非 (1993)
Power of Love

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 08/20/2001
Summary: Wild sexy actioner

I just watched this film for the second time. At the time of my first viewing, this was the first HK Cat III sexy actioner I saw, and it blew me away. I had a lot of trouble following the details of the plot and I thoroughly confused several of the characters, but God it was fun.

For instance, I couldn't decisively distinguish between Rena Otomo and Lui Lee. Now that I've seen hundreds of HK films, it's much easier, but I can now see how the confusion arose. The two women both have long-faces and long curly hair, though Lee is far more busty, and one is a villain whilst the other is a victim.

One actress I could clearly ID, now and then, is Suen Tong. I've long been a fan of this busty broad, and this is probably Tong's best role. Her performance, and some other elements of the film, remind me somewhat of NAKED KILLER (made the previous year), and I think the producers had at least one eye on it. I'm not saying Tong is any threat to Carrie Ng's Princess, but Tong is anything but a passive sex object or vague sleaze, as she often portrays in other cheapies. Her character is decisive, strong, ravenously horny, and puts up a great fight (though she was certainly doubled in the action scenes).

The action and the sex scenes are well balanced and of roughly equal quality. As in any good film of this type, the story finds an excuse for different permutations of boy-and-girl to get sweaty at least every five minutes, unless of course they feel like trying to kill each other instead. There's a goodly amount of full nudity, though it's in fairly short flashes. A trivial point - unlike NAKED KILLER, everyone is strictly hetero here. There's not even a hint of girls liking girls. And, apart from a couple of brief bits of voyeurism, all the sex scenes are two people only.

Wong Yu's action choreography does not disappoint. There's more action in this cheapie alone than many other films which are supposedly action only.

With all the violence in the final gun battle, you know people are gonna die. Only three of the main characters survive, one of whom goes to jail and another as a vegetable. And, as the final credits roll, you can almost hear someone reciting the old cliche that money doesn't buy happiness.

A grim ending, not unlike many other films in this genre. The film doesn't seem quite as brilliant as on my first viewing, nor is it as confusing. But it is still way out among the best in its class. I'd rank it up there with another underrated gem, MADAM Q (which also features Siu Yuk Lung). Still highly recommended.

Previously published:
A very busy tale of partner-changing, loyalty changing, twists and turns, tons of bed-hopping, and some great nude/sex scenes. Some pretty good and sometimes nasty fight scenes, including cat fighting. Moves so fast at times that it's hard to tell the female characters apart, luscious as they are. I think the plot concerns business double-dealings and murder, and the lead businessman has the highly enviable task of seducing a morally upright young lady who somehow is to do with its successful completion. Really, don't bother trying to make sense of it. Just lie back and/or gawk as it roars past. Very good porn cheapie.

Reviewer Score: 8