IQg (1993)
Lamb Killer

Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/08/1999

Teresa Mo is doing doubletake as twins Jenny and Yuk Lan who wereseparated at an early age due to a family dispute. Jenny lived with her slug father and lived a life of prostituting and drug abuse and Yuk Lan lived with her remarried mother and is a successful business woman. After Jenny's death, Inspector Au (Alfred Cheung) requests the aid of Yuk Lan to find her sister's killer by assuming her identity. From there on the story unravels bringing you to the ending's surprising twist. The tongue is definitely placed firmly in cheek throughout. We have two idiotic criminals, light stabs towards gays and blacks, cucumbers (not what you may think), a few blood puddles. Anthony Wong plays Jenny's gay friend in a cutely flamboyant but slightly overexaggerated manner. Not the best movie but good enough.

[Reviewed by Jennie Tam]