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一千零一夜之夢中人 (1995)
Dream Lover

Reviewed by: JohnR
Date: 11/04/2006
Summary: A Good Mid-Week Movie

Well here I come, 12 years later, to add a review after seeing this movie for the first time. I guess it's the different perspective time presents, but I didn't think this movie was so bad as the other three reviewers did.

I admit I had low expectations going into it. And I also have to warn fellow Wu Chien Lien fans that none of her acting skills are on display here, she's simply a flower vase. But this, too, is a matter of perspective: complain because her talents are wasted or be thankful that, if a flower vase was going to be used, at least it was her.

The plot of this movie is the classic romance: boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl back. But I thought there was enough original stuff added to succeed, even if it didn't overwhelm. Both Big Tony and Chan Bak Cheung were good; in fact they were the moive. I thought this was a standard Big Tony performance, which means I liked it.

Basic plot: Tony is a simple, good hearted mechanic with a bad hairstyle who has invented a device that adds massive acceleration to cars. Chan Bak Cheung is his street smart buddy, a self-admitted womanizer. Tony and Chien Lien meet, but just as he's about to win her affections she disappears. He sells his invention and becomes rich, they run into each other again, but now she's married to a guy who uses Tony's love for her to extort Tony's fortune from him.

This is a comedy romance, by the way, and the comedy side provided the fuel, the romance the direction. An entertaining evening, and well worth the pittance you'll pay for the DVD now.

Reviewer Score: 7

Reviewed by: jfierro
Date: 12/21/1999

I always thought Cheung Man was a lacking actress, but now I hope she sticks to acting and never produces another piece of garbage like this. It must have taken all five writers a lot of effort to make a script this weak. Tony Leung Ka-Fai continues his decline. To borrow a line from Brandon Ou, I only finished watching this movie to give Wu Chien-Lien face.

Reviewed by: hktopten
Date: 12/21/1999

Frankly, without Tony or Chan Bak Cheung, this film would suck; especially Chan Bak Cheung. The plot is really old, overdone, and stupid, but hey, it's one of my favorite actor. And they made fun of Wong Jing too.

Reviewed by: pablo
Date: 12/09/1999

Mechanic Cheung Ka Shing falls for lovely Kitty after she crashesin front of his house. Before he can tell her he loves her she moves away. Will he ever find her again? Basically the same plot (and some of the same sets) as as _Romantic Dream_, but with a heavier dose of sap.