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電影故事 (1996)
The Movie Story

Reviewed by: bastardswordsman
Date: 11/27/2001
Summary: A cautious recommendation

This is one of those films that you see everytime you go to the shop, but you never bother going further than picking it up and examining the box for the 46th time. Well, 47th time lucky.

Not a classic by any means, but having started to watch the film with no expectations whatsover, I finished the 90 minutes feeling rather satisfied. The story is cut down the middle - on the one hand there is Moses Chan, a weed-toking rascal who is employed as the live-in minder of Big Bust French Kiss whore, Amanda Lee. On the other hand, you have lonely ex-boxing trucker Ken Lo who develops feelings for hard-done-by Alice Lau, who runs a bar.

Both stories chart the predictable path of love, but it's just a pleasant film really with likeable characters and an amusing script. The one major complaint I have is that the film draws amplifies uneccessary references to Pulp Fiction, just to make sure we get it. The fact is, it would stand up amirably enough on its own, without resorting to what I can only assume to be parody, or just a sign of blatant commercialism in the HK film industry (never!).

Not a work of art, but not at all a dog's dinner. Ken Dodds' dads' dog's dead.