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三個受傷的警察 (1996)
The Log

Reviewed by: pablo
Date: 12/29/1999

December 31, 1996. Three policemen in the same squad each fire a gun and must deal with the consequences of their actions. Clever scripting and above average acting make this film work. While the 'day in the life' format is an unnecessary gimmick, it also doesn't get in the way. The three stories mostly stand on their own, although there is some attempt to tie them together. Only one of the stories is resolved, and perhaps because of this it is the weakest of the three. Jerry Lamb, in his first leading role, does a really good job of subtly conveying the emotional turmoil in his character (unfortunately, it's only for the 20 minutes his part takes up). I look forward to seeing him in meatier roles. Kent Cheng, who shaved part of his head to give his character the right look, also does a good job. Michael Wong coasts along on his standard tough cop persona.

Reviewed by: hktopten
Date: 12/21/1999

Well done drama surrounding three police officer on the last day of 96. Kent Cheng continues to show why he is such an underrated actor with yet another great performance. Jerry Lamb holds his hold as the "heroic" cop who regrets shooting a gangster to death. Michael Wong walks through his role as the macho foreign officer whose use of excessive force caused his suspension. The ending again like many Hong Kong films is overly pessmistic and feels like a quick and cheap ending, but nevertheless the film is worth watching.