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運財五福星 (1996)
How to Meet the Lucky Stars

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 03/07/2002
Summary: Pretty good

i dont' remember much about this movie but it did give me a few laughs and the gambling aspect of the movie was ok. Above average!!


Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 01/12/2002
Summary: Better than the last

This was the 5th 'official' Lucky Stars movie, and although the first 3 got better as they went on, the previous film 'Return Of The Lucky Stars' was terrible. This one was a slight improvment on the last one, but still nothing special.

The story is a gambling one, and although some scenes are quite funny, the majority are old jokes that are not funny anymore. Richard Ng really looked old here, and I think he only did about 2 more afterwards before he retired to right here in the UK (who insidently lives about 20 minutes from me!).

Worth watching if you liked the originals, and to see a final comeback from all the original Lucky Stars (Richard Ng, Stanley Fung, Sammo Hung, Eric Tsang, but unfortunatly Charlie Chin is not in here), but other than that, I don't think anyone would watch it more than once.

Rating (out 5): 2

(This rating is based on the year & genre, so don't think it's based as a comparison on new releases etc.)

Reviewer Score: 4

Reviewed by: hktopten
Date: 12/21/1999

A throw back to the popular series of the 80s with most of the 5 lucky stars returning. Samo is barely in the film and he is playing 2 roles! The story was loose and at times going nowhere, but it is fun after all those years watching these 5 together again. The actresses are sleep walking through their roles here.

Reviewed by: Darryl
Date: 12/21/1999

Inspector Tso (Cho Tat Wah) calls upon Rhino Skin (Stanley Fung) toget the stars together to help him avenge the grief-stricken suicide by the "King Of Gamblers" when he loses to the lacivious, psychotic lesbian queen of gamblers Sheung. The stars take on the modern gambling genre with hilarious results. A "benefit" film for the late Lo Wei by many of his pupils and friends. A nice cap for the Fuk Sing, many of whom are in semi-retirement.

Reviewer Score: 8