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愛情Amoeba (1997)
Love, Amoeba Style

Reviewed by: pablo
Date: 12/09/1999

May Ching has three 'boyfriends' (roommates, actually). Tung is the career minded account executive with a business minded girlfriend. Long is the slacker chasing a blind date over the Internet. And 'Brad Pitt' is the playboy who never sleeps with the same woman twice. When all four friends find themselves suddenly out of a job, they decide to open up a bar. In the course of setting up the business, the three boys reexamine their romantic life. Well filmed, but the story lacked bite, and the acting wasn't anything to write home about. The climax of the film also seemed to come out of nowhere. Judging from the name of the production company (_Film 100 Percent Limited_), the film was probably quickly put together to capitalize on the success of _Feel 100%_. Like that film's sequel, this film could have probably benefitted from more development time. Title refers to a Swatch style that plays a part in the film.

Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/08/1999

Not long after Lunar New Year, Tung, Long and Jim are separatelyfired by their employers. Under their good friend May's guidance, the three collaborate and open a bar, getting a first taste of being a boss. Later, Tung is suffering in between new love Evita and former love Alice; Jim falls for Miss Lan Kwai Fong Boy, who only sees him as a partner in an one night stand; May who has always had a crush on Jim couldn't stand seeing Jim suffer and expresses her love to him, only to be rejected; Long who has always had a crush on May expresses his feeling to her but is also rejected ......the four's friendship, love, career also face challenges......

[Reviewed by Next Magazine]