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非常警察 (1998)
Magnificent Team

Reviewed by: mrblue
Date: 06/26/2010

Despite the low level of quality of the base elements, Magnificent Team manages to ascend to a higher level, mostly due to the acting. I don't know if you could truly call it "great", but the actors' work makes the characters very likeable, and that goes a long, long way to transforming Magnificent Team into something of higher quality than your usual Hong Kong B-movie total cash-grab rubbish.

Reviewer Score: 7

Reviewed by: Chinoco
Date: 08/13/2006
Summary: Very good with some original moments

This was a great film! It had action, comedy, and a compelling story.

Francis Ng stars a police officer who spends most of his time bragging and exaggerating about his bravery and (supposed) accomplishments. He is in charge of four officers: Wing, Mimi, Sgt. Yau (Hui Siu-Hung), and Chiu (Simon Loui). Each officer has a weakness however. Wing is daring and smart- but also overconfident and rash. Mimi throws up every time she sees blood. Chiu has a domineering and controlling girlfriend who calls him up at all the wrong times. Finally, Yau is just weeks away from retirement and hides whenever there is a gunfight. These shortcomings along with Francis's boasting, have earned the officers the name: "All Talk- No Action Team"

Things get shaken up when a new female officer is asked to join the team. She is all action, and a by-the-book police woman. They are assigned two cases: to track down a gang of brutal bank robbers; and a mysterious internet killer. On there first day out, things go horrible wrong and all of the teams weaknesses are made obvious. Francis’s performance is especially poor as he trips on a drain and accidentally shoots an innocent bystander! Here's where things get interesting: in one of the films many twists (I'm not going to reveal most of them) Francis is surprisingly fired from the force after his mistake. The team goes on without him and works to solve the internet case. When we see Francis again (after a substantial break), he has actually joined a Triad gang and appears quite happy with chasing girls and drinking all night. Will the team actually be better off without him?

This movie really held my attention throughout! There were some really original moments here, such as the team having two different cases to solve. Francis Ng really steals the show as a complete slacker goofball that you can't help but root for. I also liked that each character has a moment at the end. Special attention was given to each officer overcoming their own various problems. Characters act realistically for the most part as well. For example, just when the audience is critical of the way Yau runs from gunfights; he tells management that it is up to him to take care of his family. He also mentions that he doesn't want a government flag covering his coffin just days from his retirement. Francis adds that he has made more money in a few days as a Triad member than he would have in an entire year as an officer- with less risk.

Recommended for great action, a good storyline, catchy theme music, and of course Francis Ng!

Reviewer Score: 8

Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 07/24/2002
Summary: Pretty good

David Lam has never really made a name for himself when it comes to making original films, and this is again like Sydneyguy said, little more than an average crime film. Nothing new or original from this that hasn’t been done and seen before unfortunately. However, I’m not saying it’s a bad film. The action is pretty good, and the highlight of the film, and it’s set at the right pace with the rest of the film (including the story, which is interesting actually). The story in summary is basically about a special police team set up to wipe out crime in Hong Kong, especially from a gang of brutal robbers. But most of the team is very strange, and I suppose they are supposed to bring a comedy element to this reasonably serious film, and actually some of it made me laugh a lot, as some was pretty funny.

Most of the cast act very well, especially Amanda Lee, newcomer Chan Hoi Man and Francis Ng.

Never a film that was very popular at the time anyway, and I think this one will disappear from most peoples mind if they see it. But you can do a lot worst when it comes to action films, and saying that I would say that it’s worth seeing all the same if you like action filmed the way those classic 80’s films were.


Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 03/09/2002
Summary: Average!!

Another movie which i was sure i already reviewed!!

Anyway this is your average cops and robbers movie, but the tone of the movie doesn't match throughout the movie. Some parts seem very violent yet the others seem like the movie is some sort of comedy.

What makes this a bit better than average is the character development of the movie. I was very impressed by the way it makes you get involved with all the characters.

I haven't watched this lately so i can't remember exactly the plot. Francis Ng runs a group of cops who are known as a big joke in the police department. They try to get rid of this imagine by solving a big crime.