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旺角靚妹仔 (1999)
Hong Kong Spice Gals

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 01/25/2006
Summary: TErrible

I can not get back the time i watched this poor made movie.
It was so boring, about prostitutes who are young girls. The characters have no depth, there is barely a story line, the calls are not good looking, and the end message is suppose to encourage tourism into hong kong/mongkok? WOW a movie promoting call girls, at least now i can see how they even got funding for this movie

Reviewer Score: 2

Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 05/07/2002
Summary: Bad

Pretty poor low budget trash. A few funny scenes, but boring other than those.

Rating: 2/5

Reviewed by: tim
Date: 12/26/1999
Summary: Misguided attempt at sleaze

Dreary Yau Ma Tei-based sleaze based around hooker Yuen and her gal pals Match Box, Wendy and Linda. Yuen and the others work for Super (Simon Loui), a pimp feeling pinched by economic downturn. He visits Taiwan for a month to find new "spice" for the brothel and leaves the ladies in charge of running the joint. Business bombs out and the plot gets interrupted as a kindly cop (Pang Dan's career low) tries to rescue the girls from vice. Super returns and business booms yet again until Yuen jumps ship with a beggar as pimp. She falls in love with him, he ditches her, sadness follows. Then a Taiwanese girl arrives in town looking for a HK tourist who slept with her in the previous month. She can't remember his name or face... See if you can guess which traveller she's looking for.

Don't be fooled by the brothel setting; it's not in the slightest bit sleazy! There's not even any cleavage in sight, let alone suggested. At the very least they could have recast this cheapie and gone Cat-III. As it stands, this swill is an under-18s affair made to appeal to who? Certainly not to fans of the top-billed actors who are thrown on screen for brief dud moments (though Simon Loui's not so bad). Yuen's home looks too much like the producers' office. The plot reeks, the acting's in the gutter and the dubbing is a one take wonder. Watch the clothing and locations to guess how long this film took to make.

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Hong Kong Spice Gals (1999)

What do you think of when you first hear the name 'Hong Kong Spice Gals'? A duplicate of the 'Spice Girls' movie? Well, this is a movie about the lives of four young girls with a cast of new performers. Will we get a quality movie along with some new faces to look at? Let's take a look.

The movie starts with four schoolgirls: Yun (CHAN Sze-wing), Match Box (CHAN Fung-yee), Winnie (KWONG Sze-ting) and Linda (LEE Hoi-shan). They work as prostitutes after school under the charge of their 'trainer' Super (Simon LOUI Yue-yeung). However, business is so bad that Super decides to go to Taiwan looking for new girls. During his absence the girls try their hardest to improve their situation.

They go so far that police officers (Diana PANG Dan and Elvis TSUI Kam-kong) try in vain to put a stop to them. They also find trouble with a triad boss Chicken (Kenneth LAU Hau-wai). When Super gets back he is surprised that business is so good. But one day Super and Yun fall out and she randomly picks a beggar called Anthony as her new 'trainer'. They finally end up as a couple. Unfortunately, Anthony still prefers to live as a beggar and he eventually leaves Yun ......

'Hong Kong Spice Gals' is a movie about the lives of young prostitutes. The first half of the movie is a good general portrayal of the girls' lives and their relationships. Later on, it homes in on one in particular (Yun). Focussing on one character allows the film to make the most of its limited budget. It allows the film some depth with its one central character, but still paints a broader picture through the other girls.

Script writer and director Kenneth LAU is able to make use of the current affairs and local culture to make the movie funny. The dialogue about the Fa-lun sect is pretty funny and works well in context.

The part about police officers Diana PANG Dan and Elvis TSUI Kam-kong is a bit silly. Diana PANG, playing a policewoman, tries to work as a prostitute to understand the way of life. This was a real bolt from the blue. Frankly speaking, her character is really silly; but it's very interesting at the same time.

One thing that I found strange about 'Hong Kong Spice Gals' is that most of the popular stars are not dubbed in their own voices, even LEE Siu-kei and Simon LOUI Yue-yeung. It is a bit hard to accept Diana PANG speaking in fluent Cantonese. Some of the dubbing works well, the voice used for Kenneth LAU Hau-wai makes him believable as a triad head.

Given that the girls in 'Hong Kong Spice Gals' are newcomers, their performance is up to scratch. They look young and funny. The girls play as light-hearted prostitutes. You won't see dark side of their lives as this is the not the point of the movie, but their youthful energy comes through.

'Hong Kong Spice Gals' is a light movie about the 'fun' side of life in a group of prostitutes. The actresses are able to make the movie enjoyable. The plot is intelligent, both in general and in its specific parts.