ڷR777 (1999)
My Loving Trouble 7

Reviewed by: JohnR
Date: 03/25/2007
Summary: "I Want Candy"

This movie seems to have flown completely under the radar, but that's not totally justified. It's fun fluff and one I re-watch periodically for some laughs.

Patrick Tam as Jim-See-Bon ("call me James") and Hsu Chi as 777 play it straight as a director of commercials and a secret agent respectively. The comedy is provided by Tin Sum as Candy, 777's newly assigned partner whose deepest thoughts are shopping decisions, and by the two guys who play James' crew members who handle the technical side of bugging 777/Candy's apartment and who lust after Candy.

The dramatic side doesn't work so well, all well-trodden ground. The humor is good, though, and Patrick Tam successfully crosses from the dramatic side to the comedy side when James pretends to be gay in order to be taken seriously as a director. Sandra Ng puts in two cameo appearances and juices things up when she does. Hsu Chi hits all the right notes, though it's a limited score. Tin Sum is positively bouyant and gives the proceedings a boost every time she's on screen.

It probably would have been better if they'd gone more for the comedy and less for the drama, but it's a fun movie and worth a watch if you come in with moderate expectations.

Reviewer Score: 6

Reviewed by: annelam
Date: 06/26/2002
Summary: Light-hearted.. nothing serious

I have to admit that this review might be a little bias cos I like Patrick Tam alot. (reason cos he's cute and handsome?) Anyway, it's a light hearted comedy with a little action cos Shu Qi's supposed to be a spy and Patrick Tam's supposed to be head over heels in love (at first sight) with her. I think the comedy comes mainly from sidekick Tin Sum who provides much of the humourous scenes in the whole movie. And not forgetting Patrick who did a wonderful job acting as a gay designer.

Reviewed by: mejones
Date: 03/22/2002
Summary: Pretty funny!

A fairly standard action/comedy. Shu Qi plays an international spy/thief (777) and wears lots of nifty black outfits that I'm sure all you guys love! Role's not much of a stretch for her, very similar to Skyline Cruisers with a little more heart. Tien Hsin (Candy) plays her new partner in crime who's her polar opposite personality-wise, supposedly brought in for her computer expertise. What are they planning to steal? That's kind of unimportant b/c the story is really more about Patrick Tam as James, a commercial director who becomes smitten with Shu Qi. He first spots her on the street and wants to use her in a perfume ad. His Wong-Jing-ish pair of buddies (Michael Tse and some other guy) volunteer to help him find her. Once they track her down and he pitches the commercial to her there's a very funny scene where in she both gets him to spill his guts while at the same time spelling out to him EXACTLY what it is that men want and how they go about getting it. (His friend later point out "this woman really knows men!")

Patrick then decides, despite the fact she held a chopper to his throat, he wants to find out more about this girl. Lots of the comedy in the mid part of the film revolves around how he and his buddies move into the flat across the way from her and her "partner" and spy on them. Many misunderstandings ensue (some are extremely funny!) before they return to the whole spy ring part of the story. Over all, there's not a whole lot in this film that we haven't already seen, but Tien Hsin is very spunky, Patrick is alternately swave and humourous (he plays effette during his meetings with the advertisers b/c he's found that pretending to be gay gets him farther!), Shu Qi is okay. Spencer Lam is very funny as Patrick's dad, a priest obsessed with soccer/football who constantly uses game terms as metaphors, and Sandra Ng puts in a great cameo as a former "agent" who Shu Qi once helped get out of the business.

Recommended for fans of any of the cast!

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 09/19/2000
Summary: Not good

I felt bored watching this!! It is not funny and yet not a action movie, then what is it? No idea.........

The only good movie in this is CANDY, Tin Sum who shows off her great CLEAVAGE!! Yes sexist but the only good thing about the movie, sadly to say.........


Reviewed by: cathy in nyc
Date: 02/02/2000

I liked this movie. I wouldn't put it in the category of movies I would go out of my way to see or movies I have to go out and buy the video, but I was not sorry I paid money to see it. Hsu Chi plays agent 777 who works for an organization that practices industrial espionage. She is assigned a new partner near the beginning of the movie that she is supposed to train, and the women is an almost total ditz who then turns out to have real skills when the chips are down later in the movie. Hsu Chi catches the eye of a tv commercial director who falls in love with her at first sight. He and his friends track down where she lives and move in across the way to spy on her. There is a funny scene where the agents are practicing and the director and his friends misunderstand and assume they are lesbian prostitutes. In the end there is a small caper involving stealing abk records and several double crosses before the happy ending. I liked the movie. It was cute and light-hearted. For those of you who are interested in that sort of thing, Hsu Chi keeps her clothes on.