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蜜桃成熟時3蜜桃仙子 (1999)
The Fruit Is Ripe 3

Reviewed by: MrBooth
Date: 12/24/2001
Summary: Pretty ladies take clothes off.

"Peach is a stupid cupid", according to the box. A great job title if ever I heard one, and my new ambition. Actually she is a new angel sent down to earth (naked, obviously) to help a chap called Urchin sort out his love life. Urchin's love life problem is basically that he's never had the nerve to say "I Love You" to childhood sweetheart Wei, who is now married to his other childhood friend Ronald anyway. We find that Wei is unhappy with Ronald, and Peach tries to encourage Urchin to make something of himself and take her away from him. But can she resist getting too personally involved in the case?

The characters turn out to be richer & better developed than might be expected (except Peach herself, who is mostly just whiny and annoying), but it's mostly just an excuse to get Jay Fong and the very beautiful Shirley Cheung to take their clothes off and let strangers touch them in quite intimate places. I've never quite understood why people who would usually try to have you arrested if you did that somehow think it's OK when you have a camera.

It's actually quite an enjoyable movie, though the secondary characters (Ronald & Wei) prove much more interesting than Peach & Urchin, and it isn't as good a story (or as steamy sex) as in THE FRUIT IS SWELLING.

Reviewer Score: 6

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Fruit is Ripe, The (1999)

'The Fruit is Ripe' is considered to be the third series of the series in Chinese. The previous two are 'Crazy Love' (1993) and 'The Fruit is Swelling' (1997). Judging from the title 'The Fruit is Ripe', probably you may find it's more correlated to 'The Fruit is Swelling'. In fact, they got the same director and the cast WONG Shu-kei. This time they found 18-year-old girl FONG Ching as the sex object who came from Taiwan.

Peach (FONG Ching) is a angel with her nude to Hong Kong to help fisherman Urchin (WONG Shu-kei) to get back his ex-lover Siu-wai (CHEUNG Siu-wai) which was now paired with Ronald (WONG Chi-yeung). Ronald pretended to be busy in from of Siu-wai but he has got other girls for making love. During the stay of Peach, Urchin got back his confidence but still lack of luck and being active to get back Siu-wai. Gradually when Urchin can almost get back Siu-wai, he found that he has been fall in love with Peach ......

As a audience choosing 'The Fruit is Ripe', what you expect is the body of FONG Ching and CHEUNG Siu-wai as well as a funny plot. In this line, it seems that 'The Fruit is Ripe' can bascially satisfy you needs. At least you can find lots of 'action scenes' -- between the four main characters. For CHUNG Ching, there are 2 main bathing scenes together with one 5-minute making love scene with WONG Shu-kei. I consider actions are enough to satisfy you though I consider these actions can be done in a more interesting manner like making use of equipment in a fishing ship.

In terms of the plot, since there are lots of love scenes which seems restricts the development of the plot. The plot seems to be a bit simple, and also typical. It seems that they would like to make 'The Fruit is Ripe' a bit fresh, with the fresh image of Peach together with its cute dubbed voice, this movie basically fulfill its function. Relatively, the dubbed voice from WONG Shu-kei seems to be a bit uncomfortable. Maybe FONG Ching is too sexy.

In short, 'The Fruit is Ripe' is an average Category III movie. The plot is relatively okay while there are enough 'action' scenes to satisfy you. To me, I think the movie can be even better if they can create more new skills for these love scenes.