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真心話 (1999)
The Truth About Jane and Sam

Reviewed by: JohnR
Date: 11/27/2006
Summary: A Miss

Sam is a middle-class, suburban type yuppie who works as a reporter. He runs into Jane, a street smart, man-distrusting, hustling, drug user from the wrong side of the tracks, and becomes fascinated by her for some reason. In a bid to get to know her better, he begins working on a piece about modern teenagers with her as a focus. He pays her some money to let him follow her around for a couple weeks.

The guy who plays Sam appears to be just playing himself; he's ok, but as was pointed out below it doesn't take a lot of acting ability to portray a shallow suburbanite.

The woman who plays Jane does a good job, but her performance is like the movie overall: it just doesn't connect. I just didn't feel that much sympathy for her character, especially when we find out later, after having our noses rubbed in her poverty, how remarkable easy it is for her to clean up and get a job.

The movie itself is on a made-for-TV level. Everything's done well enough, but there's nothing challenging about it, and I get the impression there was supposed to be.

I'm a big fan of Derek Yee's "C'est La Vie, Mon Cherie", "Viva Erotica", and "One Nite in Mongkok," but this one isn't in the same league as those. It's not a bad movie, but not worth going out of your way to see.

Reviewer Score: 6

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Truth about Jane and Sam, The (1999)

In the past few years, Derek YEE Tung-sing seems to be one of the director who would like to try. For example, he pumps Anita YUEN Wing-yee and LAU Ching-wan up in 'Cest La Vie, Mon Cheri' as well as HSU Chi (SHU Kei) in 'Viva Erotica'. Now he takes another trial by directing 'The Truth about Jane and Sam' by picking up two Singaporean FAN Man-fong and Peter HO Yuen-tung as the main casting. In view of the opening of 'A Man Called Hero', Derek's movie is up is really a challenge.

The start of the movie is journalist Sam LI (Peter HO Yun-tung) who graduated from the University in Singapore and working in a gossip magazine. By accident he met Jane, a girl from the trash who takes drugs. Sam followed Jane and finally decided to write a feature on Jane. These two guys are in totally different world and come together. During their days of together, Sam knows the dark side of Jane while he knows Jane is really real to her sayings. With time goes on, Sam has changed Jane and they start loving each other. However, while they start their love story, Sam's ex-girl friend comes back ......

In terms of the plot, Derek has done a good script. Despite some of the dialogues seems to be a bit educational, the plot is smooth and comfortable. The whole story is complete while the turning point has illustrated how a teenager can behave. The start of the movie seems a bit weird. Towards the middle of the story, it is well written which makes the later part impressive.

Derek YEE's movies always give audience the feeling of hope. This is also observed in 'The Truth about Jane and Sam'. You can see the hope from Jane and her changes. The description is quite detailed. For example, you can see how strong she is when she is in town and how depressing she is when she face her family.

For the casting, new actor Peter HO Yun-tung and actress FAN Man-fong seems to be green in acting in the movie. Relatively FAN has more chances to act than HO. HO, as a guy born in the middle class, is relatively easy to act. HO can get the basic. I think he still have potential to act better.

For other casting, I think LAI Yiu-cheung is relatively stand out. LAI, as a triad head who takes care of his younger sister FAN, does not know how to express himself for his love. He acts naturally. If their relationship can be done without Sam's dialogue, it would be more smooth. Now it is okay, but Sam's role seems to be a master.

In short, 'Truth about Jane and Sam, The' has got a smooth and well-written screenplay. Even though some of the dialogues is a bit weird and they seem not to be said by such class of people, the whole story is complete. This movie is also able to give hope to audience thorugh Jane's role. In view of tons of blockbuster productions, 'Truth about Jane and Sam, The' is a good choice for you if you want to have an alternative.