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原始武器 (1999)
Body Weapon

Reviewed by: j.crawford
Date: 03/05/2007
Summary: 1999 was a good year

[1999 was a good year.] Wong Jing's number one go-to surrogate director, Aman Chang churns a brackish swill into a film that is unappealing and offensive to some while being tawdry and erotic to others. Costume designer Cindy Cheung Fong-Dai wins high praise for getting Angie Cheung Wai-Yee and that costume she never wears in the film to appear in one of my dreams.

I saw this film at the old Music Palace back in 1999. It was a stormy summer afternoon and some of the raincoat crowd was in the house. My cell phone went off during the screening and some guy threw popcorn at me. Later, that guy's phone went off, though no one seemed to mind. Mesmerizing on the big screen, this is amazing stuff from Wong Jing's production companies.

Reviewer Score: 8

Reviewed by: ewaffle
Date: 08/03/2006
Summary: As bad as it gets

“Body Weapon” is so bad that there isn’t really any point in listing its various failures, although the bipolar swings in the confidence, martial arts skill and appearance of Chan Siu-ling is the worst of them. It is an impossible role—the character goes from sizzling sexpot to super tough avenger to witless incompetent for no reason. She kills one of her targets by smashing heavy glass bottles over his head until he collapses then stabbing him repeatedly with a huge fork but then as to be talked into unlocking a door and climbing over a fence. Jessica Rabbit said “I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way” in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”. Chan Siu-ling is bad—terrible, actually—and she is written that way. The very attractive Angie Cheung undertook a role that would defeat Sarah Bernhardt so the fact that she walked through it can’t be held against her.

The first few minutes of the movie telegraph how egregious it will be. The initial scene is of a horrific rape and murder of a young couple by three maniacs. It then becomes, without transition, a cop/buddy movie then wanders off into incoherence. Mr. Blue mentions how Abel Ferrara handled a rape scene in “The Bad Lieutenant”. In another of his movies, “Ms. 45”, the main character is raped twice but in neither case is there the lip-smacking voyeuristic enjoyment shown here and one her attackers winds up dismembered, wrapped in newspaper and stuffed in a freezer.

There a few flashes of competence—Angie Cheung is costumed very well and using the hanging corpse of a murder victim as a shield during a fight was a good touch—but they were pretty well buried by the almost unbelievably bad script, which didn’t even make internal sense. For example, Chan Siu-ling told Officer Wu that she would have married him if only he had told her that he loved her. This was shortly after he had dropped to his knees in public to tell her exactly that.

And of course there was the douche scene...

Reviewer Score: 1

Reviewed by: MrBooth
Date: 01/07/2006

At first I hated this film because of the underdeveloped plot and characters (and the awful quality of the Mei Ah dvd). However, I grudgingly began to enjoy some of the camerawork and action choreography, and the gorgeousness of Angie Cheung :) Also enjoyed Elvis Tsui's performance of course - one of the most reliable actors in Hong Kong (when it comes to villainy and sleaze at least!).

Note that the revealing outfit Angie Cheung is wearing on the DVD cover does not appear in the film (sadly), but she does wear some other sexy + minimal clothing.

Not a great film, but has some charms - albeit highly offensive ones :)

Reviewer Score: 5

Reviewed by: Graeme Noble
Date: 04/18/2004
Summary: Good Action

Okay, corny plot - it's not too bad though, apart from the rape scenes I kind of enjoyed it.
The first action scene is a sparring kickboxing match with Cheuk and Au fighting, fast, crisp and effective editing make it a good fight.
The next fight is 35mins into the film, with Au fighting Wong, it's okay but it's dark so you can't see a lot.
The next fight is the highlight of the film, where Cheuk fights Wong in an alley about an hour into the film, about a minute long, fast and very good choreographing.
The end fight starts well with Cheuk fighting Wong again which is good as before, but then Cheuk fights the masked guy, and it's bad.

Overall, bad-ish film, but the excellent fights make up for this, so if you like good fights, go get it!

Reviewed by: mrblue
Date: 09/18/2003

A gang of brutal rapists/murderers are terrorizing Hong Kong. Three detectives (Zhao, Cheung and Au) are assigned to investigate, but their love triangle is getting in the way of business, so their captain orders Cheung to choose one guy. I guess HK cops run by different rules than the US. Anyway, she eventually hooks up with Au and the two marry. On their wedding night -- wouldn't you know it? -- the gang of rapists attack the couple, killing Au and leaving Cheung shell-shocked. Zhao tries to patch things up with her, but she has other plans. Hooking up with an eccentric gay man (Fok, director of Naked Killer), she decides to turn her body into a weapon in order to get revenge.

I normally enjoy a good exploitation/trash movie, but this one just wasn't good. There are normally pitfalls to this genre, such as poor scripts and bad acting, that many films fall prey to -- and Body Weapon is no exception. What usually saves these types of movies are the thrills you get from seeing something other films wouldn't dare to show. However, there is a fine line between "trash" and stinking cinematic garbage. Body Weapon doesn't just cross that line, it jumps over it.

There are two rape scenes in this movie that just disgusted me. I'm sorry, but seeing a guy getting a roll of tokens jammed up his rectum just doesn't fly my sails. Sometimes rape scenes -- even graphically brutal ones -- can be used very effectively, as in Abel Ferrara's Bad Lieutenant. Here they just feel dirty. I felt ashamed watching this, and for the actors involved -- especially Zhao Wen-Zhou, who seemed to be one of HK's most promising young actors a few years back after his incredible performance in Tsui Hark's masterpiece The Blade. Another web reviewer noted that the rape scenes seemed to have been put in for the "raincoat crowd" and I couldn't agree more. I enjoyed such sleaze as The Untold Story and Ebola Syndrome, but some of the elements in Body Weapon seem only suited for die-hard perverts. I'm really surprised that this movie only got a Cat IIB rating and not a Cat III. It's much more graphic than even some of the more disgusting Cat III films produced during the genre's heyday shortly before the Chinese takeover of Hong Kong in 1997.

Body Weapon's only saving graces are the lovely Angie Cheung (who does a nice "tease" performance in the vein of Chingmy Yau) and a couple of solid fights courtesy of Zhao Wen-Zhuo. It's a shame, really. There are times when Body Weapon feels as if it could have been a exploitation classic like Naked Killer, but in the end, it's rubbish with a few bright nuggets mixed in.

Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 04/14/2002
Summary: Bad

Not much in the way of story, but that's no surprise when you see it. I saw it today for the first time, and was not what I was expecting if you know what I mean!

Rating: 1/5

Reviewer Score: 2

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 03/14/2002
Summary: POTENTIALLY GOOD but.......

When i saw the first 20 minutes of this movie, i thought it was going to be a GREAT movie. After those 20 minutes it just goes downhill fast!!
The story/plot does not sustain itself. It turns from a serious thriller/action to a comedy (not on purpose either). It seems like another writer took over the movie script after the first 20 minutes and changed the movie into a joke!! The idea of Angie CHEUNG Wai-yee "special killer move aka the moveis title BODY WEAPON" is just stupid!! Finding the people who raped Cheung Wai-yee was WAY to easy (as if she just walked around the corner and they just happen to be there!!)

GOOD THINGS about the movie: If your expectng something very sexual, you might enjoy the first rape scene. The bad guys are down right nasty (and just the way we like it!!) The rapport between CHIU Man-cheuk's character and Stephen AU Kam-tong is excellent!! You really feel like they are best buddies!! The love tension between the 2 cops & Angie Cheung was realisitic. Chui Man-cheuk seems to be suited playing the shy guy!!
(SPOILER) Elvis Tsui Kam-Kong GAY CRUSH on Chui MAN_cheuk is a bit disturbing for me.

The action is OK to watch. It may seem like there are more positive points but the negatives DO outweigh the positives. Watch the first 20 minutes then switch off because you WILL be disappointed!! At best i can give it is about

3 out of 10

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Body Weapon (1999)

In the past few weeks, there seems to be lots of movies involving sex objects, we have KEI Heung in 'Erotic Nightmare' and FONG Ching in 'The Fruit is Ripe'. This time we have Angie CHEUNG Wai-yee in 'Body Weapon'. In addition, it is a bit strange but interesting to see CHIU Man-cheuk is also in the movie as a pair with CHEUNG.

The main plot of the movie started from a raped murder. Officer LEE (Stephen AU Kam-tong) and WU (CHIU Man-cheuk) are good friends and they investigate the raped murder case with CHAN Siu-ling (Angie CHEUNG Wai-yee) while both of them fall in love with Siu-ling. It seems a bit painful as their boss doesn't like such triangle relationship. Finally, Siu-ling married LEE. On the wedding night, the raped murder falls to LEE and Siu-ling. LEE is killed while Siu-ling is rped. As this is a great impact to her, Siu-ling decided to trap the murder. With introduction from her friend (Pinky CHUENG Man-chi), Siu-ling hooks up a gay teacher (Clarance FORD Yiu-leung) and he teaches Siu-ling how to use herself as 'Body Weapon' ......

Judging from the movie poster, you consider there are sexy scenes from Angie CHEUNG Wai-yee. Yeap, there is not only some but very erotic. The first few minutes describes a raping case which is erotic enough to make you wonder if you are watching 'Erotic Nightmare'. Thorugout the whole movie, CHEUNG puts off her clothes from time to time make you feel sexy. At least, they are able to sell the selling point as expected.

In view of the plot, I am sorry to say that it does not make any sense at all. For example, the first scene for Officer Siu-ling is how she induces two teenages in a Police Station, which is totally irrational. It seems that they would like to elaborate some points, like how LEE and WU love Siu-ling, how great the impact is to Siu-ling and so on. I consider they are able to do the latter part but not the first part. Maybe some of the reasons is that they have to preserve some action scenes for CHIU Man-cheuk. Maybe more elaborations should be put on the feelings of WU to make it more concrete.

In addition, the path for finding the murder is also a bit too simple. Audience may get their answer after watching the first one-third of the movie. In their ad. they claim 'Body Weapon' as a extra for the series of 'Raped by an Angel', we expect the successful factors including the sexy of actress as well as the plot. 'Body Weapon' seems should improve for the later part.

Another point I would like to point out is the typical scene. Stephen AU Kam-tong once again putting his tricks in 'What You Gonna Do, Sai Fung' (1959) into this movie totally. This may annoy audience as they abuse the use of imitations of Bruce LEE.

In terms of performance, Angie CHEUNG Wai-yee is able to cast as a sex object. CHIU Man-cheuk seems still need to polish his acting. The plot has helped CHIU a bit but audience expect CHIU with more romantic scene in any form. One point I would like to point out is the outstanding performance of Clarance FORD Yiu-leung. FORD acts as a gay and he is able to act in a proper way while audience laughts with his scene.

On the whole, 'Body Weapon' wants to do as another movie like its 'Raped by an Angel' series while Angie CHEUNG is quite sexy. However, the pointless of the plot and the typical performance of other actors has downgraded the whole movie as a substandard production. It is also too erotic for audience to accept.