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¹q¼vÀn (1999)
Gigolo of Chinese Hollywood

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Gigolo of Chinese Hollywood (1999)

With the success of Japanese frightening movie 'The Ring', there will be lots of horror movies opening in the next few months. At least what we know is that there will be six horror movie showing during June. This reflects 'Gigolo of Chinese Hollywood' to be a bit stand out from other horror titles.

When looking at the poster of 'Gigolo of Chinese Hollywood', you can imagine that it's a kind of imitiation to other stars. The story starts with producer TSUI Wat (Nat CHAN Pak-cheung), director CHAN Gor-sun (Eric TSANG Chi-wai), actor CHOW Sung-chi (Gallen LAW Kar-leung), actress CHU Kei (Suki KWAN Sau-mei) and script writer KOK Yat-chiu (Emotion CHEUNG Kam-ching) who have been unemployed due to the decline of the Hong Kong film industry. Finally they would like to make a film but lack of resource. Finally they turn up to be gigolos in order to get money for their movie......

Judging from the poster and lobby card of the movie, you may expect that there will be tons of imitiations for inside news of the movie. However, the real fact is that it's something very close to WONG Jing's previous production 'Love & Sex of the Eastern Hollywood' (1998). The plot itself is okay, not too impressive but at least you won't find it too uncomfortable. Almost most of the scenes are predictable.

I consider one of the themes of the movie is to bring audience attention to the real part of the film industry in Hong Kong and educate them for anti-piracy. It seems that it's a blind spot for film makers to talk about pirates. In 'Gigolo of Chinese Hollywood', the presentation is a bit better by expressing the points of review in a wider angle. However, it seems that they can make it more natural by taking audience point of view rather than talking about it direct.

Turing towards the end of the movies, it seems that they cannot put up stuffs for imitations and the pace becomes a bit slow. The scenes between the guys and Simon LOUI, the leader of the gigolos is not only old-fashioned but a bit slow. Maybe they can put it in a faster and more creative way to make it more interesting.

In turns of the laughters, it seems that this is not the main focus of the movie. You can laught for some of the scenes. At least I think you can't imagine how they end the movie (I'm not going to spoil it).

I think one of the focus they can use to make it more impressive is the use of contrast. At the beginning, I think it better to put some scenes when these guys are very popular rather than the dialogue from the five guys. I understand that it may be easier to express their feeling by dialogues but it would be better for audience to understand in another way.

In terms of the performance of the actors, it may be a bit unfair as audience will directly relate their performance to how close they can act to the actual guy. I think Eric TSANG and Suki KWAN has done a good job in such aspect. Maybe it's the help of the design of the character. Eric TSANG has to put a fake long hair while Suki has to pretend to speak Cantonese in non-native style.

On the whole, I think the intention of 'Gigolo of Chinese Hollywood' is good and it seems that director CHUNG Shue-kai doesn't want to make a movie and a direct imitiation. However, I think it seems to be a bit subjective which may overlook a better way of presentation. At least, the overall performance of the movie is on average.