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]ƨg (1999)
Viagara Madness

Reviewed by: ryan
Date: 11/21/1999
Summary: Viagara Madness (1999)

Winners' Productions has released 10 or more movies using the Kam Sing Tong Circuit. Sometimes they pick some interesting names for their movies, 'Viagara Madness' being an example. However, interesting names do not guarantee interesting films.

You won't see any Viagara pills in 'Viagara Madness'. In fact, the whole movie is about a murder. LEE Wai, aged 32, is an ex-actor who started his carrer at an early age. One day, two inspectors (one of them is Simon LOUI) come to question LEE about a murder case. They suspect him of the murder, so LEE tells them his story.

One day, LEE's wife invited him to play a computer game. LEE became addicted to the computer and fall in love online with a girl called Judy, even meeting her in real life. But as time goes on LEE gets totally addicted to the virtual world and is induced to kill Judy ......

Plenty of people will be intrigued by the movie as virtual reality is a hot topic right now. But I'm sure they'll be frustrated by the first 5 minutes because the movie opens with a love scene. The reality is that 'Viagara Madness' is pure porn.

And there is no 'Viagara' in the movie at all. It's just a trick on the name -- in Cantonese 'Viagara' is nick-named as 'Wai Gor' while the leading role in 'Viagara Madness' is LEE Wai, also known as Wai Gor. This is a deliberate ploy to mislead the audience; the poster even has pictures of Viagra.

The first half of the movie is all sub-plots based on love scenes with just a few minutes of dialogue to set up the roles of Simon LOUI and a unknown girl as inspector. Like other Winners' productions, they've made the movie longer by adding a lot of extraneous material -- for example, there's at least 2 minutes of the leading actor practising martial arts. This padding is totally unrelated to the movie as a whole and it's just there to make the movie longer. The love scenes are too slow-paced and the girl is not beautiful enough for audience to enjoy and tolerate.

Aside from the plot, this is a really dumb movie and an example of all-round dumb filmmaking. When the guys are chatting with girls on line, you can see that the monitor is switched OFF. Then you see text-blinking effects, which have been added during post-production, but they don't match the position of the computer screen. This will annoy anybody with basic computer knowledge.

Another foul-up is the scene where the inspectors are questioning LEE Wai, seated at their chairs and tables from a high-class cafe. Such a setting will convince no one.

The voice dubbing is horrible. Simon LOUI sounds like an illegal immigrant. The female inspector's voice is hard to tolerate, it's like they picked a random housewife for that role.

'Viagara Madness' is a movie with an interesting topic but made as an outright porn film. The movie title is misleading and indecent. There are tons of sex scenes, but no beauty to them. I wonder they bothered making such a poor film.