Kb (1973)
Evil Slaughter

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 05/16/2002

Misleading title, although a lot of characters do get killed.
Fashion alert ! Beware ! Don't watch this film if you are offended by loud shirts, striped flares and funky music. Early 70s is writ large here. And Lung Fei, very dark-skinned with a mini-afro and sunglasses looks like he's trying to be some cool black dude from Shaft.
There's even a peeping tom who spies on Miss Lam, and provides a discreet and brief but very nice full nude snapshot.
There's treachary all over the place as the villians are suspected, discovered, and then suffer at the merciless hands of their boss.
The word for this movie is .... strange. For instance, the KUNG FU school has the decor of a country Japanese residence, though the action clearly takes place in China. And there is much jump cutting, which leaves you wondering.
Plenty of fu fighting, though I found the long tournament fights sometimes dull and even cringing.
Overall, it borders on surreal. So-so.

Reviewer Score: 4