Shao-Lin Red Master

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 12/21/2003

On the tenth anniversary of his parents’ murder, a young Shaolin “tough” kid named Su (Chi Kuan Chun) is greeted by long time family servant, Sze Chung (Yu Heng), who informs him of some peculiar news. A man by the name of Flying Tiger Chi Pao (Lung Fei) is about to be released from jail and even though he may not have been the killer of Su’s parents, he may possess some knowledge of the killer. Upon Chi Pao’s release from jail, he finds himself being hunted down by some Red Lamas, but lucky for him, Su is there to save Chi Pao from death each time for obvious reasons. Next thing you know, mad gung fu altercations follow, mysterious men appear, and cutthroat intrigue start to brew over some ancient ginseng and a jade Buddha. Eventually, Su gets to avenge his parents’ death by taking on the man of all his troubles, a Tibetan Red Lama (Tommy Lee) with some mean gung fu. The flick is an OK standard “revenge” flick.