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新應召女郎 (1993)
The Other Side of Dolls

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 11/26/2001
Summary: Not bad

What plot there is concerns greed and somewhat thwarted plans for blackmail. Of course, mainly an excuse to get the clothing off some luscious women and get 'em sweaty.

For possibly the only time in his busy career, Charlie Cho plays a man anxious about sex who always comes too quickly. Lee Chung Ling is likeable as ever as the rich guy who wants true love then sex.

Three of the named actresses get fully nude, as well as two unknowns who do a live sex show near the start. There is one really dull sex scene, but four or five others which are quite pleasant. There's plenty of full-frontal and acres of naked skin, an extended lesbian shower scene, and even a fantasy take on Batman on a motorbike. Plus there's the always-welcome busy character actor Ho Pak Kwong (curiously credited as Ho Pak Kong) as a leering acupuncturist.

Of the girls who get naked, the luscious Yip Sin Yi looks a little less than her best, but that still makes her ravishing. Big-haired and thick-lipped Lee Wai Kwan is gorgeous. And Lee Bo Ling's not bad either.

Keeping their knickers on are Chung Bik Wan and, looking extra bitchy, Lee Yuet Sin.

Some of these sex scenes are a little slow, but the lush and colourful photography partly makes up for it. Not great, but not too bad either.

Reviewer Score: 6