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救命宣言 (1990)
Doctor's Heart

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 07/28/2000
Summary: Patchy medical melodrama

Some good and some bad.
The producers couldn't seem to decide whether to play this one straight, or for comedy, or high melodrama, and it veers between all three. The main problem is that I just cannot accept Mark Cheng in possibly his most sympathetic lead role. He's played so many really mean bad guys, and he's so GOOD at it.
Simon Yam is the baddie this time, a role he's often played. Unfortunately, he overplays it to such an extent as to be totally unbelieveable.
On the plus side, Bill Tung yet again steals every scene as the sincere old doctor, who isn't told of his adored son's non-graduation, until a very dramatic moment. The scene where he is sick in outpatients, and helps the other patients, is truly wonderful.
Michelle Lee, of course, looks great, and Amy Yip provides a nice decorative touch.
Overall, pretty average.

Reviewer Score: 5