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夏日的麼麼茶 (2000)
Summer Holiday

Reviewed by: YutGouHoYun
Date: 01/18/2003
Summary: Summer Holiday by YutGouHoYun

If the cover of the DVD, VCD or whatever format you viewed this movie on didn't immediately clue you in that this is a romantic comedy. You would be in for a big surprise. For those not familiar with a romantic comedy, it goes something like this : Boy meets girl, goes through trial and tibulation, conflict and resolution, boy ends up with girl. No matter what romantic comedy it is, we will undoubtedly know the leading male and female role will end up together, what makes a GOOD romantic comedy however is the process in which they actually do fall in love. Summer Holiday is no exception to the formula. However predictable the plot and outcome may be it agrees. Richie Ren and Sammi Cheng are pitted together in this light affair that pleases the heart and is thouroughly enjoyed.

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 05/15/2002
Summary: Ummm

A ok movie. They should of just made it a FEEL GOOD movie, especially because of Richie Rens character but what occurs sort of wrecks that mood even though you know it was coming. A shame.


Reviewed by: future113
Date: 08/30/2001
Summary: Funny and Beautiful

Sammy Cheung does another fine acting job. This romantic comedy is a good dating movie and one that all will enjoy. Some parts of the movie will make you want to cry while others will put a nice smile on your face. Nice soundtrack to this one also. Sammy loses her job and tries to sell a beach condo she has. But she finds out that it's half owned by a guy and he won't sell it to her. So she ends up staying at the beach condo trying to convince the guy to sell it to her. Well the plot thickens and this is where the movie gets interesting. I'd definitely recommend this movie and it's worthy of a DVD purchase. My rating: 8.9/10

Reviewed by: sharon
Date: 06/30/2001
Summary: Interesting

More of an eye candy then anything else, a romantic comedy with Sammi Cheng and Richie Ren as the lead. A simple storyline to follow, betrayal and more betrayal, only to find out in the end that there were true feelings involved. It's an interesting movie that can keep you guessing for a little while.

Although, I can't say much for the rest of the movie. It has it's highs and lows. Shot in BEAUTIFUL Malaysia, the scenes with the beach are very eye-catching. Sammi Cheng gave an, alright performance. I wanted to see more of her emotions during some scenes, but it was enough to get her through. Richie Ren gave a very well performance. It wasn't as great as "Fly Me to Polaris", but still a very good job.

'Summer Holidays' is a light romance. There isn't much to say about it, different people will have different reactions to the film. It's really average, nothing great, but nothing bad either.

Reviewed by: cantona7
Date: 05/17/2001
Summary: Quite funny i guess.....

Sammy Cheng and Richie didn't have any mistakes i guess, they played well. And the plot seem qiute well to me either.

The good point of this movie is a strong girl who could faced many hard times during herlife and she never stopped to go on.

And suddenly this girl met a man, and they fell in love, that's the only point of the story.

Even the story had a simple plot, it still quite funny and enjoyable to watch for me....

Reviewed by: Yellow Hammer
Date: 05/10/2001

Summer Koo (Sammi Cheng) works as an investment person at an investment bank. In a 12-hour period Summer manages to lose her boyfriend George, her company's top account, and her job. She then discovers that a real estate development company is interested in buying out an investment she made on a whim on a tropical island property located in Malaysia, for basically 25 times what she paid for it. However, she's only a 50% owner of the property, the other half is owned by an indigenous resident there, More More Tea (Richie Yen), pronounced Ma-Ma-Cha in Cantonese. The rest of the movie is then basically reminiscent of a 50's U.S. beach movie, lots of women, sand, and song. Kind of a fun movie, but if you're looking for any depth or brain food to this movie, better look elsewhere.

Reviewed by: David Harris
Date: 05/02/2001

Whilst being not quite as deep as that other summer smash "Needing You" this in none the less an entertaining film - just don't go expecting anything other than some good not particularly memorable fun!!!

Performances are all at least good and RR looks so very much different than he did in "...Polaris" - hairstyles will do that I suppose!

The true star of the film though is the awesome location - it is just soooo beautiful.

Like I said good fun just not a whole lot more than that.....

Reviewed by: rolandyu
Date: 04/21/2001
Summary: Enjoyable experience

I think this movie is very enjoyable, especially the first half of it. I didn't really like the last half because it's too predictable and obvious, just like most romantic stories where the two lovers get together again.

The most enjoyable part for me was the songs and the beaches. It was a good relaxation for me to watch the beautiful beaches with happy beach-type songs with guitars. The opening song and how the movie begins just after Summer got dumped was superb. That beach was so attractive. Anyone know which part of Malaysia is that?

The movie is quite funny and quite romantic with more tendency to the latter. Good casts, good songs, good settings and good opening. I think Jingle Ma is turning into a favorite of mine.


Reviewed by: ryanatpoker
Date: 04/07/2001
Summary: Synopsis

Summer Koo (Sammi Cheng) is an ambitious woman suffering from a broken heart and financial difficulties. She flies to Malaysia to sell a resort that she and her cousin have invested in. When she arrives, she finds that her coiusin has sold his half to Momocha (Richie Ren) to pay off a debt. Momocha is a care-free, easy going beach bum. He is the exact opposite of Summer, but falls for her at first site. Summer, on the other hand, is only interested in getting him to sell, and begins one attempt after another on the quiet and relaxing island.

Reviewed by: MilesC
Date: 12/31/2000
Summary: Painless, but empty.

Like "Okinawa Rendezvous," this one relies mainly on the fame of its stars and the attractive foreign location to get carry it. While almost as blatantly content-free as OR, though, it is a bit faster paced and more entertaining. Very little of note other than Sammi Cheng being a sweetheart, but I didn't get fidgety until past the hour mark, whereas Okinawa set a new record by making me impatient during its opening scene. All in all... It must've pushed the right buttons with somebody to make it into the year's top ten box office, but the best I can say for it is that the cast and setting are attractive and the pace isn't too plodding.

Reviewed by: trenty
Date: 11/08/2000
Summary: Pure boring.

"Summer Holiday" is a movie that you might found boring from start to end. Depends on what kind of genre-likes you have, you may have different opinion here.

Although this movie was put as "Romantic Comedy" for genre. I found it would best fit in "Romantic" category itself. To tell you more, no good laughs here, only plain romantic moments. The setting of this movie at a Malaysia beach is beautiful and there are many sences in the movie revealed the great setting it had. However, even with the help of the setting, the director still can't deliver a good funny romance here.

As to the plot, the first half of the movie is plain simple and dull. The second part is better than the first half but only because there are few truths revealed.

As to the performances, the cast besides Sammi Cheng and Richie Ren, other actors/actresses were all new faces to me/you. Sammi's performance here was the same as her previous movie "Needing You", which at her best acting, though I found "Needing You" more enjoyable. As to Richie, he also had a good role here and at his acting standard, though I found his acting in "Fly me to Polaris" more interesting. All other supporting actors were new faces to me/you so there are not much to talk about but they were okay in the movie.

To conclude, this movie can be said "Boring" unless someone in the cast you might be interested to watch, otherwise, I am not so recommanded. Jingle, the director could make this one more interesting due to a great setting and good actings here but he failed to do so.

Reviewed by: Paul Fonoroff
Date: 08/25/2000

For the teenage fans of singers Sammi Cheng and Richie Jen, Summer Holiday will provide a pleasant hour-and-a-half away from the summer sun. More mature viewers and non-fans, beware. Beautifully photographed by cinematographer-turned-director Jingle Ma, the comedy-romance-musical is an effective tourist promotion for the sun, surf, and sand of Malaysia. Cinematically, though, it will do little to promote Hong Kong cinema as a cutting-edge entertainment form for the new millennium.

Naturally, one neither expects nor desires Shakespeare in a breezy summer picture. But one does hope for a certain lightness of touch, a glow, a brightness that allows one to blissfully ignore any lapses in logic or flimsiness in plotting. Summer Holiday’s script simply doesn’t allow for such mindless exhilaration. It is a tiresome variation of the boy-meets-girl, boy-looses-girl, boy-gets-girl formula, chock full of puerile misunderstandings and tedious tantrums.

Sammi Cheng, fresh from her box office triumph Needing You, is handed a rather unattractive role as Summer Koo, an unsympathetic yuppie who, jilted by her fiancé, journeys to Malaysia to inspect a beach in which she has a 50% share. The other half of the strand is owned by Momocha (Richie Jen), a free-spirited beach bum who instantly falls in love with Summer. This is Jen’s best film role so far, allowing him to display more charm, personality, and flesh than in Jingle Ma’s ultra-sentimental Fly Me to Polaris or Jackie Chan’s Gorgeous.

The movie also affords Jen and Cheng a half-dozen opportunities to sing. The best comes at the beginning when, in true "beach party" tradition, Jen and two buddies (Michael Wong Kwong-leung) and Tan Kheng Seong) stroll along the seashore and strum their guitars. Tan Kheng Seong, better known by the nickname Ah Niu, is one of the most popular singers to emerge from Malaysia in recent years, and he displays a pleasing screen presence.

Unfortunately, the director is unable to sustain a sense of fun throughout the 92-minute running time. One never really understands why happy-go-lucky Momocha would want to tie himself to a scheming stick-in-the-mud like Summer. Nonetheless, all is resolved in typical "Hollywood" fashion, which may leave the critics groaning but will doubtlessly have the schoolgirls lining up for seconds.