Nx (1976)
Story in Temple Red Lily

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 10/17/2000
Summary: Really weird

Continuity is nowhere present here. There are long stretches where there is lots of dialogue (perhaps this is "plot development" ?) and little else, then action suddenly erupts, and goes on for ages, then it suddenly stops. Etc.

It is unclear, to me at least, whether the story is based on folk tales, actual events, or the result of a scriptwriter using large amounts of mind-altering substances. I note that the title is the same as "Burning Paradise". Things were not helped by a problem with the subtitles.

The English subs themselves were quite okay (though they dropped out sometimes), and the Chinese subs being written the opposite way (i.e. right to left, as was the convention pre-1980 or so) was only a little distracting. But the distributor of this copy, Maxim's, chose to place their identifying logo directly over the top of the subs, and in writing so large that it took up the bottom quarter of the screen. And this huge sign remained there for eight minute blocks. GGGGGGGRRRRRRRR !

The billing of the actors is misleading, to say the least. Chia Ling and Dorian Tan share top billing as the brother and sister, yet they spend far less time on screen than the main bunch of characters. They could better be described as guest stars. Of the remainder, it's always good to see Lung Fei among the villains, though he's not nearly as nasty as usual here. And Yam Sai Goon is usually good value.

Perhaps I'll rewrite this review after seeing Burning Paradise. But for now, if you turn off your brain, and occasionally fast-forward, you may have a chance of enjoying this one a little.

Reviewer Score: 4