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女飛虎 (2000)
X-Cop Girls

Reviewed by: j.crawford
Date: 02/04/2001
Summary: One good thing about this movie.........

Hong Kong detective Chan [Anthony Wong] travels to the mainland city of Quangxi in search of the killer of his partner years earlier. Along with his new partner Lily Yeung [Li Fei], a mainlander living and working in Hong Kong, they enlist help from Wendy Wu [Carrie Ng], chief of an elite all-female SDU.

I saw X-Cop Girls on VCD. Talk about "no budget"; no costumes, no make-up, no lighting. The actors seem to be in rehearsal rather than in production. This is 'almost' one of those movies that's so bad, it's good; but not quite. As I was watching I was reminded of the 1977 Bruce Li film, Bruce Lee in New Guinea aka Last Fist of Fury. It would be special if the filmmakers were trying to duplicate the look and feel of that cult classic. Not a chance, I'm sure. The director of X-Cop Girls has no real sense of 'vision'.

The filmmakers must have used every dollar of their budget in casting Anthony Wong and Carrie Ng. Usually Wong brings some energy to a role like this, but here he is just stealing money. Ng is in on the take, as well, as she looks like she's sleepwalking thru her scenes. Lovely Li Fei actually appears to be trying, even in her terribly choreographed martial arts scenes. Hopefully, the filmmakers will learn from this experience and spend some money on a screenplay the next time they make a movie, something X-Cop Girls is lacking. This film seems to have been made up as it went along.

Hey. One good thing about this movie is that since I already watched it, you don't have to.

copyright 2000 J. Crawford

Reviewer Score: 2