e (2001)
Comic King

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 04/20/2003
Summary: Agree with everyone else!!

I did watch this movie without subtitles (and i can't understand chinese) but i even knew the pace of this movie is So so slow!! The action sequences with Nicolas Tse is it's only memorable moments but he is barely in it. And what can i say about the most annoying guy (to me anyway) in movies right now, EASON CHAN, aarrrgghhhh!!! A lot of people in the past did not like Eric Kot, but EAson is much much worst in my eyes (no offense Eason!!)

Reviewed by: icacutee
Date: 04/19/2003

This movie was sad...nothing special. Nicholas Tse looked cool...I thought he would have done some more acting, but turns out he was only a cameo.

If it weren't for Nicholas, I would not have seen it.

Reviewed by: pjshimmer
Date: 02/06/2003

Just when I had seen a few good movies, along came this one. It's a parody of the special effects/wuxia movies of the 90s, including from Storm Riders, A Man Called Hero, CTHD, and Three Swordsmen. In all honesty, this movie is not worth a view, although Nicholas Tse is quite cool.


Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 01/14/2002
Summary: bad

To me, this is probably the unfunniest comedy of 2001. The only advantage of this is Julian Cheungs performance, which is quite good. Most of the jokes involving him work out quite well, but Eason Chan and Nicholas Tse didn’t impress me at all. Hacken Lee was not bad though, but still, most of the jokes are simply not funny.

(This rating is based on the years release and genre, I’m not comparing it to older or newer films.)

Rating: 2/5

Reviewed by: zarrsadus
Date: 05/27/2001
Summary: Decent

I wasn't really expecting much since this was about Comics, but this movie was still enjoyable. The first half was about the two guys making their mark in the comic industry which was pretty interesting, but the downfall came in the second half when it turned into a romance. A girl comes between the two guys, who was cute I might add, and so the two friends have to work things out with the help of Nicholas Tse coming alive as an interactive character from their comic. This part was kinda cool, the guys "bartering" with Tse about who would be his master, which ends up him deciding to be a swordsman for half the day and a Triad member for the rest, hilarious ^_^. Still, the love story wasn't that great since you see the two friends quarrelling over a girl, but it all works out in the end of course. 6 out of 10.

Reviewer Score: 6

Reviewed by: GenXcops_Jack
Date: 05/04/2001
Summary: enjoyable, watchable

type of movie u pass time with. not too profound but ruby lin is cute. spotlighted friendship and the UNDERWORLD of comic books, lol.


Reviewed by: rolandyu
Date: 04/21/2001
Summary: Middleway

I think this movie is quite enjoyable with some middle-classed jokes. It seems that it is in the middle of drama and comedy. In some scenes, I feel drama aura, but the next other scenes are full of jokes.

Before I watched it, I thought Nic Tse was the main character, but in fact he's not. I think the movie took off from the dispute between the two comic guys.


Reviewed by: Paul Fox
Date: 02/04/2001
Summary: Comic King Should Go Back to the Drawing Board.

Comic King is one of those films that one might call an "inside joke" film. That is, it plays with the Hong Kong comic industry as the key setting. Those who do not know much about the Hong Kong comics may not entirely understand much of the humor, but for those who do Comic King is a somewhat enjoyable film.

Julian Cheung and Eason Chan star as two aspiring artists who manage to break into the business as assistants. The two actors are offset by Ruby Lin as the lovely office assistant. This of course establishes the predictable love triangle that sets the main conflict of the film. Fortunately, the resolution is achieved in a somewhat less predictable manner.

While the main cast all give adequate performances, they are upstaged by the cameo appearance of Nicholas Tse as two of the heroic incarnations of the comic artists. The scenes and dialogue taking place inside this imagined comic world soon begin to outshine the events happening on the outside. Additionally, the film starts to stall out towards the end when the love triangle moves to the forefront of the story.

While, Comic King never takes itself too seriously as a film, it does poke fun at several of the trademarks of the comic industry, including the marketing and packaging of the comics themselves. Ironically, the one element that is missing from Comic King, is comic art itself. Very little art of any kind is even shown. The Hong Kong comic is such a stylized piece of work that it is almost a character in itself. The film might have been much more interesting had the filmmakers taken the time to invest in animating the sequences of the comic world, rather than staging them with live actors. But one wonders if even the legendary comic hero Wah Ying-Hung could save this storyline.

Overall review rating : 2.5

Review by Paul Fox
Location:  UA Shatin
Time: Friday 2  February   2:10pm