⼤M| (1975)
The Monk

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 03/06/2001
Summary: Not what you expect

The gap between the publicity and the reality could hardly be greater. The video cover shows a drawing of Dean Shek dressed as a monk, wearing a lecherous grin, and surrounded by curvaceous and naked young women. Then there's the Chinese title, "Sex Desire Priest".

True, the film is written and directed by Shekky. He also appears in the film, but only at the beginning and the end. And the naked women ? There are two brief topless shots of a young whore (possibly the mysterious "Sharly Wang" mentioned in the credits as a guest star), and that's all.

The film is basically a cheapie vehicle for Yen Shi Kwan. Nothing special about the action or the story, which are both unremarkable.

What stunned me was how young these actors looked. Eddy Ko looking almost like a fresh-faced teenager. Fung Hak On looking less ugly than usual. And the real stunner - Gordon Liu, with hair, floating around in the background. Gordon is not truly putting in a cameo appearances here - he is literally part of the background, and is only on screen for less than thirty seconds.

I cannot recommend this film, except as a curiosity.

Reviewer Score: 2