Dsۤk (1977)
Princess and the Toxicant

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 08/08/2002

Man, what a weird flick! The flick is about four pretty princesses who cast evil spells on their lovers if they don't make it back home in an allotted time. Yeah, there is some gung fu, but it is minimal. A young Carter Wong, the bodyguard of the four Princesses does most of the fighting, but not enough. You don't watch this flick for gung fu; you watch it for the gross out effect. This one guy literally eats frogs, snakes, mice, etc alive and without hesitation. Folks who are under the Princess' spell spit up centipedes, maggots, and worms just like in some movies such as Seeding of a Ghost. Overall, the movie was crap, and I wouldn't recommend it unless you like these kind of movies.