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少林祖師 (1977)
Shaolin Monk

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 08/09/2003
Summary: Everyone shows off

An unusual role for Chan Sing. He has the lead role, but it's more like an extended guest appearance. His character has superb fu skills but mostly chooses not to show them (apart from the final fight scene, where he confronts an old enemy), preferring to adopt the proper pose of a peaceful buddhist monk.

The details of the plot are somewhat hard to fathom, even with subs. Some sort of magic man comes to town and makes rain, which earns him the admiration of the villagers, but of course he has evil intentions. Those who recognize him as a villain try to work against him (led by Man Kong Lung and Chia Ling) and are of course targetted.

There are lots of support actors and of course plenty of high quality fu action. A little slow in places, but worth watching.

Reviewer Score: 8