k (1988)
Rouge of the North

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 04/28/2001
Summary: Looks great, but .......

In common with other wordy social dramas/soap opera melodramas from HK, being without subs is a big drawback. My wife (who is Asian, but not Chinese) enjoyed this film much more than I, despitenot understanding the dialogue - the film follows a well-known groove of traditional pan-Asian family drama.

The sets are lush, the costumes are glorious to look at (though spoilt by the poor quality of the print I watched) and Pat Ha looks good enough to eat.

There is some fine acting talent at work here. Apart from Pat, for whom this movie is a vehicle, Jack Kao is convincing as the lecherous bro-in-law, and Sally Chen does a good job as the young aunt. btw, the people who look like and act like Pat's parents are far too young, so I'm assuming they are aunt and uncle.

But it's not enough. This pic is just too dull. Perhaps it's more of what Hollywood used to call, in the 1930s, a women's picture.

Perhaps fans of Eileen Chang's work will enjoy this more than I did.

Reviewer Score: 2