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情慾世界 (1992)
The World of Desire

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 05/20/2001
Summary: Moderately diverting cheapie

.... although, for a low budget porn cheapie (or supposedly, as all there are no sex scenes or nudity), this one contains quite a few former big stars.

Most puzzling is the Cat III rating. I can only conclude it was either a marketing exercise or a censorship board error. There are quite a few sexual references, but they're pretty tame. There's some horrid violence against women, including several face-slapping marathons, but this is still tame stuff by HK standards. The nudity consists of a few flashes of tit and some teasing looks, nothing more. And, although couples are shown preparing for sex, it is never actually shown, even discreetly.

The story is structured along cheap porn-movie lines, which is to say it's rather silly and highly unbelievable and veers oddly between seriousness and humour. The good guys (or, more precisely, the bad girls who are the good guys) manage to exact gory revenge on the bad guys, but they don't all get away with it.

Nevertheless, there are things to like here. HK's baddest bad guy, Ho Ka Kui, is always good value, and he's at his mad dog best here. The girls look lovely, and there's a few big stars floating in and out.

Not too bad a timewaster.

Reviewer Score: 4