׻b (1992)
Endless Temptation

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 05/21/2001
Summary: Pretty good porn cheapie

I still haven't worked out if the guys who write this type of film are working to a formula or not. If it is a formula, it's certainly not a very tight one. The elements appear to be

* lots of sex and nudity (of course !)
* partner changing and deception
* tricking people into disrobing
* violent attacks and crime
* a fair dash of action
* several sets of characters

The method appears to be - thrown them all together with only moderate regard for continuity or good sense.

One thing in favour of this method is that, no matter how dull or silly, at least there is more going on than in many X-rated loops.

Whatever, this is a formula which sometimes falls flat and other times works. ET is a case of it working pretty well.

The actress playing Nancy does all of the film's full frontal. She has a couple of shower scenes, which give generous views of her lovely bod from several different angles. They don't go on for very long, but they are very nice indeed. And she does a marathon sex scene near the end, which is a ripper.

A large pic of Tokwaki Yukami (no, I've never heard of her either) dominates the cover, showing off her very large busts and taken in soft focus. This seems to imply that the film is a vehicle for her. If this ever was the case, it appears the script was re-written to reduce her part. Her character, Maria, is the link between all the characters, but she is still just one of an ensemble. She does a few topless scenes, but that's all.

Lesser parts which are quite fun include cheap porn film veteran Gam Biu and busy support actress Chui Miu Lin as a husband and wife for whom Maria is a cleaning lady. Gam Biu's lecherous old man in a blue kimono is both pathetic and hilarious.

For more than the first hour, this film is a fun sexy romp with no violence. Unfortunately, things get very rough in the last 20 minutes. A character even gets gorily murdered. WHY OH WHY do nealry all Cat III filmakers in HK feel compelled to do this ?! There are a select few fun sexy HK films with no violence, and they are so well done. Pity about the bloodlust of either the directors (or perhaps what they think their audiences want).

Despite the descent into gore, this is still a pretty enjoyable nudie nonsense romp.

Reviewer Score: 6