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歡樂龍虎榜 (1986)
A Book of Heroes

Reviewed by: pjshimmer
Date: 11/29/2002

With an absurd story, outlandish comedy and the worst editing since the 70s kung fu nonsenses, "The Book of Heroes" features some of the very best hardcore fights in any modern movies. The action is easily up there with the top billed movies in the action genre: In the line of duty 4, Police Story, and Operation Scorpio. This is the perfect example of the outrageously dangerous and abusive stunts from the golden days of HK action movies. It hurts just to watch them. Multiply that by 100x and that's probably how the actors performing them felt.

Did I mention the music was a bit, err, off the wall? If you've ever seen the movie "Little Flying Dragon," it's kinda like that. Otherwise, think 007 meets Mario.


Reviewed by: CaptainAmerica
Date: 06/06/2002
Summary: Yukari in electric blue!

Sometimes comedy falls flat. It's the truth...if you don't believe me, check out the Jackie-Sammo-Yuen action-comedy MY LUCKY STARS. On the other hand, don't...fast-forward through the lame comedy skits to the action scenes. Just a year later, though, came an action-comedy that has flown under the radar of everyone but the most devout Yukari fanatics (and I'm one of them!). The movie is called BOOK OF HEROES, and it features one of Yukari's first supporting roles on HK film.

A gold shipment has just been robbed by a Japanese crimelord (Yasuaki Kurata, in fine villainous form!). The cop who tried to stop the heist only to be chased away with his tail (and a bicycle) between his legs is looking to crack the case. He gets some help in this endeavor from his wannabe-cop girlfriend who gives new meaning to the term "gung-ho"! Meanwhile, circumstances put a pair of conmen (one of whom is Elsa Yeung from GOLDEN QUEEN COMMANDO) on the trail of the shiny stuff, and they gain a third hand in their efforts in the form of a mama's boy gas station attendant who falls in love for Elsa's character! And waiting in the wings is the Japanese crimelord's new enforcer (Yukari) who has a BIG surprise for everybody in the finale!

Five minutes of this movie is funnier than the combined running time of the skits in MY LUCKY STARS...fortunately, for the most part this is in the form of martial arts action given a slapstick edge. But don't worry: more often than not, the non-action comedy works! The gung-ho girlfriend (I wish I knew what her name was!), Elsa Yeung and Yukari all shine in particular. The girlfriend is a whirling dynamo, Elsa has a penchant for knocking people through walls (literally!), and Yukari...

Yukari is where this movie deserves special recommendation. Yukari has four solid fights, and in each she displays an acrobatic flair that shows just how dynamic and deadly she is! And she does this for the most part wearing electric blue glam-rock drag complete with a sequined headband! (Hey, it was the '80s...) She tumbles, spins, and whirls with lightning-speed as she delivers her trademark linear strikes...one has to wonder why she wasn't utilized in this way in her subsequent films.

One can find this movie through Tai Seng if you're interesed. Highly recommended!