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Goose Boxer

Reviewed by: batgirl
Date: 08/21/2001
Summary: HK martial arts comedy with wacky training scenes

It's tempting to do the Joe Bob Briggs thing and say "goose-fu, midget-fu, sex-manual-fu ...", but I didn't do a breast count when I watched it, so that won't work. The hero is an innocent young gooseherd, who's created his own brand of martial arts by watching his geese (hey, it worked for crane and snake styles). He becomes the student of an impoverished and incompetent sifu, who has not only pawned his ancestral training manual, but doesn't realise that he's gotten a sex manual back from the pawnbroker instead. There's a great fight scene where he's calling out the techniques as he uses them "This is the Wheelbarrow! And this is called Lady on Top!" Our hero is pretty well kidnapped and trained by a mysterious and sinister sifu, who has plans for him that don't involve sex manuals. The film's a bit slow starting, but has a lot of fun with the training scene cliches we've seen so many times. Like many HK comedies, it turns dark and tragic suddenly, in a way that Western viewers can find unsettling. Batgirl says check it out.