Ŧt (2001)
Lan Yu

Reviewed by: Sydneyguy
Date: 04/26/2003
Summary: Not bad..........

Based on a anonymous story on the internet, this is apprently a very popular story in China.

I didn't find anything special about this movie. While the acting is excellent, and you ar drawn to the characters, i just couldn't relate to them. And since the focus is on only 2 characters, when other very minor characters appear, you wonder WHO they are and HOW close are they to the main characters. Another problem with the movie is the sudden "jump" in time which doesn't work well

Nothing special here but it kept me watching til the end


Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 03/05/2002
Summary: Not bad

Although homosexual dramas are still not being made much in Hong Kong, this is an example of such films, for once not starring Leslie Cheung!

The story is very good, as is the acting by Lau Yip. I'm not sure if the other reviewer mentioned or not, but this is based on a story called 'The Beijing Story', which some people may be aware of for controversial issues raised. Though the other review didn't really sum the story up, I think it is better if you watch it and you will see instead of writing up on the story.

But, as the other reviewer mentioned, it does get confusing at times, and despite trying, it really doesn't look like it was supposed to be based during the 80's!

This film has been nominated for several awards at the Hong Kong Golden Horse awards, including best actor & director. No surprise it will probably continue to do very well. At the end of the day, it is a drama, and I know that most people who write reviews here would not appreciate this I fear, and would only put it down. But if you really give HK movies a chance (like me, I will watch anything to at least say that I can give films a chance) and you can stick with dramas, it will not disappoint.

Rating: 3.5/5

Reviewed by: bastardswordsman
Date: 02/11/2002

2 primates sitting next to me talking throughout (not whispering), despite me and others telling them to shut it, made me feel violent towards them in a way not dissimilar to the daydream sequences in Thai film ONE TAKE ONLY, which I took in just prior to Stanley Kwan's latest. These people make my blood boil, making it difficult for me to enjoy the film undisturbed. They seem to think moments free of dialogue are provided for them to speak. May they never have children.

I left LAN YU feeling indifferent, but now have the urge to see it once more. Like with certain music albums that get better the more you listen, I feel the best films are the ones that require you watch them more than once. Far from the best I have seen from Kwan, but by no means his worst, I have a few grumbles. Had I not known prior to the screening that the film begins in 1989, I would have been just as confused as many of the audience, who were murmuring once the Tianamen scenes cropped up, plus earlier references to the period. Its look is that of 2001, not 1989. Also, I'm not sure what this really says about being gay in contemporary China or China of 12 years ago. Maybe that nothing much has changed? IMO, FISH AND ELEPHANT, the other "gay" PRC lensed film of 2001 (and ever?) gave a much better insight into what it means to be a practising homosexual in modern China.

As it is, LAN YU seems more love story than a social comment on a supressed minority. At that, it's really not bad at all, but I think I need to see it once more.